THQ Nordic Rumored to Remake Nintendo GameCube Classic, “Shrek 2”


  • THQ Nordic might remake “Shrek 2” for Nintendo GameCube, but it’s just a rumor from an anonymous Reddit user.
  • The remake could be for modern consoles like Nintendo Switch and might celebrate the movie’s 20th anniversary.
  • Fans are excited but should wait for official confirmation before getting too hyped.

A recent rumor circulating within gaming communities suggests that THQ Nordic, the renowned video game publisher, maybe remaking the beloved title “Shrek 2” for the Nintendo GameCube. While the source of this information remains anonymous, it has sparked considerable interest among fans of the classic game.

Origins of the rumor

The rumor originated from an anonymous Reddit post, where a user claimed insider knowledge from a friend employed in THQ Nordic’s public relations department. According to the post, THQ Nordic allegedly acquired the rights to various intellectual properties (IPs) from Universal, coinciding with reports of a Shrek reboot by Universal’s sister studio, DreamWorks. 

This purported acquisition was reportedly part of THQ Nordic’s broader strategy to revisit licensed kid game franchises, such as SpongeBob SquarePants.

If the rumor holds, the remake of “Shrek 2” is said to be under development by Purple Lamp Studios, following their work on “Epic Mickey.” While the original game was released across multiple platforms, including PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Game Boy Advance, the focus of the remake appears to be on the Nintendo GameCube version. It’s speculated that this choice may stem from nostalgic associations or a preference for a specific game iteration.

Moreover, the remake is rumored to be developed using the Unity game engine, a versatile platform known for its compatibility across various hardware configurations. The alleged remake is reportedly being prepared for release on modern platforms, including the Nintendo Switch and its rumored successor, often referred to as the “Switch 2,” alongside other contemporary consoles and PCs.

Cautious optimism and anniversary considerations

While the prospect of a “Shrek 2” remake has excited many fans, it’s essential to approach the rumor cautiously, given its anonymous source. Nevertheless, the timing of this speculation coincides with the upcoming 20th anniversary of the “Shrek” film, providing a plausible backdrop for such a project.

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