Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Fans Divided Over Tifa Costume Update


  • Tifa’s outfit change in Final Fantasy VII Remake stirs fan controversy.
  • Some call it censorship; others see it as continuity.
  • Critics love Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, urging focus on gameplay.

In a move aimed at aligning continuity between Final Fantasy VII Remake and its sequel, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Square Enix has updated the attire of one of its beloved characters, Tifa Lockhart. However, this decision has sparked controversy among fans, with some labeling it as “censorship” and accusing the company of pandering to woke culture.

Tifa’s costume update raises eyebrows

The focal point of contention revolves around Tifa’s cowgirl attire from Final Fantasy VII Remake, which has been adjusted to match her appearance in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. This alteration involves outfitting the character, who is depicted as 15 years old in the game, with a sports bra akin to her current character model.

The revision to Tifa’s costume has triggered a wave of criticism, with some fans expressing dissatisfaction at the perceived censorship and lamenting the loss of the ability to admire a teenage rendition of the character. 

Social media platforms, particularly Twitter, have become a battleground for heated discussions, with unsavory comments tarnishing the discourse surrounding the issue.

Square Enix’s continuity efforts

Despite the backlash, Square Enix stands by its decision, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a cohesive continuity between the two games. The company aims to ensure that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth seamlessly integrates with its predecessor, Final Fantasy VII Remake, offering players a unified experience within the franchise’s universe.

Amidst the controversy, it’s crucial to redirect attention to the game itself. Critics have lauded Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, with many hailing it as a significant improvement over its already esteemed predecessor. Despite the divisive discussions surrounding Tifa’s costume, the game’s overall reception remains overwhelmingly positive.

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