AI Model Transforms Food Waste Management


  • KLM reduces food waste by 63% using AI model TRAYS, saving 111,000 kg yearly on Schiphol flights.
  • Kickstart AI CEO lauds collaboration with KLM, aiming to accelerate AI adoption in Dutch businesses.
  • KLM leverages AI for smarter operations, from predicting bad weather to personalized travel tips.

A significant step has been taken towards minimizing food waste by implementing an innovative AI model Dutch airline named TRAYS. This pioneering system is designed to accurately forecast meal quantities for each flight, taking into account the 3-5 percent of passengers who either do not show up or arrive late. 

By leveraging historical data, TRAYS predicts passenger numbers starting 17 days before departure and updating until just 20 minutes before the flight takes off. This meticulous forecasting process enables KLM to tailor its catering precisely to the anticipated demand, thereby preventing surplus meals and reducing wastage to a remarkable extent.

Kickstart AI’s CEO applauds collaboration with KLM

Sander Stomph, the CEO and co-founder of Kickstart AI, expressed satisfaction with the valuable contribution his company has made to KLM’s pioneering project. Kickstart AI aims to accelerate the adoption of AI in the Dutch business community, and the successful collaboration with KLM underscores the efficacy of this endeavor. Stomph’s commendation highlights the significance of partnerships between technological innovators and industry leaders in driving meaningful change and advancing sustainable practices.

Substantial reductions in food waste on KLM flights

A comprehensive analysis spanning three months revealed striking outcomes attributed to the implementation of TRAYS. Compared to the conventional method of catering for every booked passenger, the AI-powered system resulted in a remarkable 63 percent reduction in food waste. Notably, the most substantial improvements were observed on intercontinental KLM flights departing from Schiphol Airport, where an average of 2.5 fewer meals (equivalent to 1.3 kilograms) needed to be discarded per flight. Extrapolated annually, this translates to a substantial saving of 111,000 kilograms in meals across all KLM flights departing from Schiphol. These compelling results underscore the tangible benefits of integrating AI-driven solutions into operational processes, not only in terms of efficiency but also in fostering sustainability initiatives.

KLM’s ongoing integration of AI Models across business operations

Beyond its endeavor to minimize food waste, KLM continues to harness the power of AI across various facets of its operations. From optimizing aircraft maintenance procedures to enhancing predictive capabilities for weather-related disruptions, the airline is at the forefront of leveraging advanced technology to streamline processes and enhance customer experiences. Additionally, KLM has embarked on initiatives to deliver personalized travel recommendations to its customers post-booking, further demonstrating its commitment to leveraging AI for operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

KLM’s adoption of AI-driven solutions exemplifies its proactive approach towards addressing contemporary challenges and advancing sustainable practices within the aviation industry. With the successful implementation of TRAYS yielding significant reductions in food waste and ongoing initiatives to integrate AI across diverse operational domains, KLM sets a precedent for leveraging technological innovation to drive positive change and deliver enhanced value to its stakeholders.

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