Telegram’s Innovative Ad Platform: A New Era for Channel Owners and Advertisers


  • Telegram launches an ad platform on the TON blockchain, offering channel owners a 50% revenue share, aiming to revolutionize digital marketing and content creation.
  • Utilizing TON blockchain for secure and efficient transactions, the platform promotes financial rewards for creators and fosters growth in digital advertising and blockchain technology adoption.




Telegram has announced the launch of its much-anticipated ad platform. Built on the robust framework of The Open Network (TON) blockchain, this platform promises to usher in a new age of digital marketing, offering unprecedented opportunities for channel owners and advertisers alike.

Telegram empowering creators: A financial windfall

At the heart of Telegram’s new ad platform is a commitment to rewarding the creativity and hard work of its channel owners. Starting in March, owners of Telegram channels across over 100 countries will find themselves at the forefront of a financial revolution within the platform. Pavel Durov, the visionary founder and CEO of Telegram, made a compelling announcement on February 28, revealing that channel owners will now receive a generous 50% share of all advertising revenue generated from their channels.

This bold move is not just about financial rewards; it’s a testament to Telegram’s dedication to fostering a vibrant community of content creators. By offering a substantial share of ad revenue, Telegram is not only acknowledging the value that these creators bring to the platform but also incentivizing high-quality content production. This initiative is expected to attract a plethora of talented individuals and organizations, eager to leverage Telegram’s massive user base to reach a wider audience.

The TON Blockchain: A technological marvel

The decision to utilize The Open Network (TON) blockchain as the backbone for the ad platform is a stroke of genius. TON blockchain’s integration ensures that payments to channel owners are secure, transparent, and efficient. Unlike traditional payment systems, the TON blockchain facilitates instant transactions with minimal fees, making it an ideal solution for the global scale of Telegram’s operations.

Durov’s vision extends beyond mere transactions; he sees the TON blockchain as a catalyst for creating a self-sustaining ecosystem within Telegram. Payments will be made in Toncoin, the native cryptocurrency of the TON blockchain, encouraging a cycle of investment and growth within the community. Channel owners can choose to cash out their earnings or reinvest them into enhancing their channels, promoting their content, or even supporting other creators.

The launch of Telegram’s ad platform is poised to have a far-reaching impact on the digital advertising landscape. With over 800 million monthly active users, Telegram offers advertisers access to a vast and diverse audience. The platform’s privacy-focused approach to advertising, coupled with the efficiency of blockchain technology, presents a compelling proposition for businesses looking to promote their products and services.

Moreover, the introduction of this ad platform is expected to stimulate interest in the TON blockchain. Recent developments, such as Animoca Brands becoming the largest validator on the TON blockchain and its plans to develop blockchain-based games on Telegram, underscore the growing enthusiasm for this technology. The TON blockchain’s potential for mass adoption is further highlighted by the surge in Toncoin’s value, signaling strong market confidence in the project’s future.


Telegram’s launch of its ad platform on the TON blockchain marks a significant milestone in the evolution of digital advertising. By empowering channel owners with a substantial share of ad revenue and leveraging the cutting-edge technology of the TON blockchain, Telegram is setting a new standard for how online platforms can support content creators while providing value to advertisers. As we move forward, this initiative is likely to inspire innovation across the digital landscape, heralding a new era of collaboration, creativity, and technological advancement.

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