Marathon Digital Holdings Unveils Anduro: A Bitcoin Layer-Two Network

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  • Marathon Digital Holdings introduces Anduro, a layer-two network on Bitcoin, aiming to solve scalability issues and enhance programmability with decentralized governance and support for multiple sidechains.
  • Anduro facilitates merge mining, allowing for new revenue streams for miners and fostering a broader range of applications and utility for the Bitcoin network, marking a significant advancement in blockchain technology.

Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: MARA), a frontrunner in the digital asset technology space, has introduced Anduro, a pioneering multi-chain layer-two network built on Bitcoin. 

The innovative platform, announced on February 28, 2024, from Fort Lauderdale, FL, aims to address the scalability challenges faced by blockchain developers and enhance the utility of Bitcoin as a programmable network.

Marathon bridging the gap: Anduro’s mission

The inception of Anduro marks an important moment in the evolution of Bitcoin’s infrastructure. Recognizing the limitations inherent in Bitcoin’s current framework, particularly for developers seeking to scale their blockchain applications, Marathon has spearheaded the development of Anduro. This layer-two network is designed to function as an application layer, bolstering the incentives underpinning Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work mechanism and offering a new realm of possibilities for innovation within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Marathon’s role in incubating Anduro is just the beginning of what is envisioned to be a community-led and driven initiative. Anduro is meticulously crafted to support decentralized governance, aiming to establish itself as the premier developer-centric, reliable Bitcoin layer-two solution. The platform facilitates the creation of multiple sidechains, each serving as a conduit for new applications and services that can enrich the Bitcoin network.

Pioneering sidechains: Coordinate and alys

Marathon is not only the incubator but also an active participant in Anduro’s development, having initiated the first two sidechains on the network: Coordinate and Alys. These chains exemplify the versatile programmability Anduro offers, with Coordinate targeting the Ordinals community through a cost-effective UTXO stack, and Alys providing an Ethereum-compatible chain for the tokenization of institutional assets. This approach underscores Anduro’s potential to cater to a wide array of blockchain applications and use cases.

Merge-mining: A win-win for miners

A notable feature of Anduro’s sidechains is their use of merge mining, allowing miners to earn Bitcoin-denominated revenue from transactions on Anduro’s sidechains without disrupting their primary bitcoin mining activities. This model presents a compelling value proposition for miners, including Marathon, by opening up new revenue streams while reinforcing their commitment to securing the Bitcoin network.

Fred Thiel, Marathon’s Chairman and CEO, articulated the strategic significance of Anduro, emphasizing its potential to augment Marathon’s technology stack through new sources of fee revenue and to propel Bitcoin’s adoption forward. By extending Bitcoin’s functionality, Anduro not only benefits application developers and Bitcoin holders but also contributes to the sustainability of Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work ecosystem.

As with any innovative venture, investing in Marathon’s securities involves risks. Potential investors are advised to consider these risks, detailed in Marathon’s Annual Report and other SEC filings, before making investment decisions. The forward-looking statements made in this announcement are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual outcomes to differ materially from those projected.


The introduction of Anduro by Marathon Digital Holdings marks an important advancement in Bitcoin’s ecosystem, offering a solution to scalability issues and enhancing Bitcoin’s programmability through a layer-two network. This initiative, aimed at fostering greater development and adoption within the blockchain community, highlights Marathon’s dedication to the growth and sustainability of Bitcoin. Anduro’s launch not only opens new avenues for miners and developers but also signifies a significant step towards broadening the applications and utility of blockchain technology. As Anduro progresses, its impact on the Bitcoin network and the digital asset landscape at large will be closely watched, with high expectations for innovation and expansion.

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