FFXIV Implements Harsh Penalties for Real Money Trading Violations


  • Square Enix banned over 10,000 FFXIV accounts for Real Money Trading violations.
  • The crackdown came ahead of a Final Fantasy 15 event with exclusive rewards.
  • FFXIV’s Terms of Service were updated to include botting activities by RMT vendors.

In a recent crackdown on Real Money Trading (RMT) within the popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), Square Enix has terminated over 10,000 player accounts. 

The company defines RMT as the sale of in-game items, currency, characters, or other data for real-world currency, a practice strictly prohibited under the game’s policies. 

This mass banning comes on the heels of the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy 15 collaboration event, with developers issuing a stern warning against engaging in such activities.

Severe consequences for violators

According to a statement released on the game’s official forum, Square Enix revealed that 3,640 accounts were terminated for directly participating in RMT. Meanwhile, an additional 7,175 players faced bans for advertising such violations. 

This decisive action underscores the company’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of FFXIV’s in-game economy and ensuring a fair gaming environment for all players.

The timing of these bans, just before the Final Fantasy 15 crossover event, appears strategic. With exclusive rewards such as exotic pets, cosmetics, and a 4-seater car mount up for grabs, the temptation for shortcuts through RMT transactions is heightened. 

Square Enix’s preemptive measures serve as a clear deterrent against such practices, safeguarding the integrity of the game and preserving the excitement surrounding the event.

Revisions to anti-RMT ruleset

In response to the severity of recent RMT cases, FFXIV’s Terms of Service have been updated to explicitly include botting activities by RMT vendors. 

This revision reflects the evolving nature of online gaming threats and reinforces Square Enix’s commitment to combating RMT through comprehensive measures. 

Players are encouraged to report suspicious activities through the in-game reporting feature, as outlined in the official notice on the game’s lodestone website.

Navigating FFXIV’s vast world

For newcomers to FFXIV, the expansive world of Eorzea offers a rich MMORPG experience with countless avenues for exploration and adventure. 

While the game’s complexity may initially seem daunting, players can easily familiarize themselves with the highly customizable user interface, fully immersing themselves in the online multiplayer experience. 

From engaging storylines to dynamic gameplay mechanics, FFXIV promises an unforgettable journey for players of all levels.

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