Sun Network 1.0 major up-haul for Tron Network side chains: Justin Sun

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Sun Network 1.0 was set to launch on the 10th of August and the founder of the Tron network Justin Sun made sure that the word gets out beforehand.

With everyone competing to go all out against each other on the crypto space, the move was considered wise. The decentralized applications or DApps- as they are normally referred to as- are a major boost to a blockchain’s popularity.

What is Sun Network 1.0?

Justin Sun, the head of the Tron foundation, is hell-bent on making some DApps using the crypto-infrastructure that has been the investment focus of the company. The upgraded network is tuned for a speedy environment for the DApps to shuffle variables in.

Justin Sun couldn’t hide his excitement, and why should he? He was interviewed by media, and that’s where the Sun Network 1.0 was made known about more to the general public. Before that, a twitter post by the Tron Foundation had sparked interest.

Scalability won’t be an issue any more thanks to the Sun Network, but that isn’t the only thing that the Tron Foundation has come up with.

Powering the Dapps and reinvigorating the entire Tron ecosystem this big is what the Sun Network is supposed to do when infinite scalability isn’t its primary priority.

Scope of Sun Network 1.0

Justin Sun further said that the Dapp chain main net that is to launch between September and August would help lower the transaction fees as well.

The scalability countermeasure is mean for Tron Foundation’s side chain. The main chain, of the Sun Network 1.0, might get a lift from this project in the future. Currently, it belongs to the side chain and the side chain alone.

While it may not seem like it, The main chain benefits from the project as each side chain in the system acts as the main chain extension. It only makes easing the pressure on the side chains.

While this method surely proves to be an easy alternative to employing the scalability solution on the main chain, the bonus that comes with it is the cost issue- side chain implementation is more cost-effective.

Justin Sun is not the one to compromise with the user experience that Tron is about to deliver. Having that said, they’ve decided to do a bit on the side by reinforcing privacy modules.

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