A New Chapter for Sui Explorers: Embracing the Sui Ecosystem’s Growth


  • Marking Sui’s ecosystem maturity, Mysten Labs steps back, highlighting the success of community explorers like SuiVision and Suiscan, which offer advanced insights and user experiences.
  • With the Mainnet launch, Sui’s growth is propelled by Suiscan and SuiVision, offering deep network insights and a variety of data visualization, reflecting the ecosystem’s innovative and inclusive development.

In a significant development for the Sui blockchain ecosystem, Mysten Labs has announced the retirement of its Mysten-operated explorer, marking a pivotal moment in the journey towards a decentralized internet. 

The decision underscores the success and vibrancy of the Sui ecosystem, which has seen the emergence of exceptional explorers like SuiVision and Suiscan. These platforms have not only matched but exceeded the capabilities of the initial explorer, offering deeper insights and a more engaging user experience to the community.

Celebrating achievements and Sui ecosystem expansion

The inception of Sui’s blockchain explorers was driven by the necessity to provide early builders with real-time dashboards for network activities. These tools were crucial in monitoring transaction volumes, active accounts, and a plethora of other vital metrics. Sui’s unique object-oriented data model introduced innovative features in explorer design, such as the object display standard and the visualization of Sui Move features, enhancing the overall utility and user experience of these platforms.

With the Mainnet launch on May 3, 2023, the Sui ecosystem witnessed a surge in activity, with projects migrating from Testnet and new initiatives taking off. Ecosystem explorers like Suiscan and SuiVision, which predated the Mainnet launch, have been instrumental in the phase, introducing features that provided the community with deeper network insights than what the Mysten-run explorer could offer. Their ability to track DeFi apps and NFT collections, coupled with offering a broader range of data visualization options, has significantly contributed to the ecosystem’s growth.

The evolution of user interfaces and data accessibility

One of the standout aspects of the Sui explorer ecosystem is the diversity in user interfaces and site architectures. The variety ensures that different user preferences and needs are catered to, allowing for a more personalized and efficient navigation experience. The distinct navigation schemes and architectural designs of SuiVision and Suiscan highlight the ecosystem’s commitment to accessibility and user-centric development.

The retirement of the Mysten-operated Sui Explorer is a testament to the robustness and maturity of the Sui ecosystem. The move is not an end but a transition, a passing of the baton to the ecosystem builders who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and innovation. Mysten Labs’ decision to focus on supporting these ecosystem explorers reflects confidence in the community’s ability to sustain and enhance the network’s visibility and accessibility.

As the Sui ecosystem continues to evolve, the upcoming Basecamp event in April 2024 promises to be a landmark occasion, showcasing new initiatives and celebrating the achievements of the community. The event, along with ongoing developments throughout the year, will undoubtedly pave the way for further innovations and the continued expansion of the Sui ecosystem.


The retirement of the Mysten-operated Sui Explorer marks a significant milestone in the Sui ecosystem’s journey towards decentralization and innovation. By embracing the contributions of ecosystem explorers like SuiVision and Suiscan, Sui is setting a precedent for community-driven development and collaboration. As the ecosystem looks forward to new chapters and achievements, the focus remains on building a network that enhances digital asset ownership and security, ultimately enriching our online lives.

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