Ryder Ripps Ordered to Pay Millions in High-Stakes Legal Defeat


  • Ryder Ripps and Jeremy Cahen faced a decisive legal defeat, being ordered by a U.S. District Court to pay nearly $9 million to Yuga Labs for trademark infringement related to their NFT activities.
  • The ruling not only imposes a significant financial burden on Ripps and Cahen but also mandates the transfer of all related NFTs and intellectual property to Yuga Labs, marking a significant moment in the enforcement of intellectual property rights in the NFT industry.



A U.S. District Court has delivered a final judgment that imposes a hefty financial burden on Ryder Ripps and Jeremy Cahen. The duo, known for their involvement with NFTs, has been ordered to compensate Yuga Labs, a prominent entity in the NFT space, with a staggering sum nearing $9 million. 

The resolution marks the end of a prolonged trademark infringement case that has captured the attention of the digital asset community.

A costly defeat for Ripps and Cahen

Ryder Ripps, alongside his associate Jeremy Cahen, also known by the pseudonym Pauly0x, had embarked on a legal battle with Yuga Labs, harboring hopes of a lucrative settlement. Ripps and Cahen, perhaps ambitiously, sought a payout of an astronomical $100 billion. However, the legal tides turned dramatically against them, culminating in a ruling that not only dismissed their claims but also placed a substantial financial liability on their shoulders.

The judgment, delivered by U.S. District Judge John F. Walter, entails a comprehensive financial package comprising disgorgement of profits, penalties, attorneys’ fees, and other related costs, amounting to nearly $9 million. The bulk of the sum, an eye-watering $7 million, is allocated for attorneys’ fees, reflecting the complex and protracted nature of the legal proceedings. The ruling follows a prior decision that favored Yuga Labs over the duo, particularly concerning their involvement in the creation and promotion of the “copycat” RR/BAYC NFT collection.

Implications of the judgment

The implications of the judgment extend beyond the substantial monetary penalties. Ripps and Cahen are mandated to surrender all associated NFTs and transfer any intellectual property that infringes upon Yuga Labs‘ rights. It includes domain names and smart contracts linked to their controversial NFT endeavors. The court has set a stringent timeline for the transfer, giving the duo a mere two weeks to comply with the order.

The judgment resonates as a stark reminder of the legal complexities and potential ramifications associated with intellectual property in the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape. It underscores the judiciary’s recognition and enforcement of intellectual property rights within the realm of NFTs, a domain that is witnessing unprecedented growth and innovation.

Reflections and unanswered questions

While the judgment brings closure to the particular legal saga, it also opens a dialogue about the broader implications for the NFT industry. The substantial financial penalty not only signifies the seriousness with which trademark infringement is treated but also serves as a cautionary tale for creators and entrepreneurs navigating the intricate web of intellectual property laws in the digital domain.

As the dust settles on the high-stakes legal battle, stakeholders and observers alike are left to ponder the future of NFTs and the balance between creative expression and the safeguarding of intellectual property rights. The case of Ryder Ripps and Jeremy Cahen vs. Yuga Labs will undoubtedly be referenced in future legal discourses and might just shape the contours of intellectual property law in the context of digital assets.

In the wake of the judgment, Yuga Labs, as well as the legal representatives of Ripps and Cahen, have not offered immediate comments. The digital asset community, however, continues to watch closely, recognizing that the judgment is not just the conclusion of a lawsuit, but also a significant moment in the ongoing narrative of NFTs and their place in the legal and creative landscapes.


The legal battle between Ryder Ripps, Jeremy Cahen, and Yuga Labs concluded with a precedent-setting $9 million judgment against Ripps and Cahen, emphasizing the serious legal consequences of trademark infringement in the digital asset space. The case highlights the critical importance of respecting intellectual property rights in the evolving NFT landscape and serves as a cautionary tale for creators and entrepreneurs in the digital domain, signaling potential legal challenges and the need for careful navigation of intellectual property laws.

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