CoinList Seed Winter 2024: Elevating Crypto Projects to New Heights


  • CoinList Seed Winter 2024 is now open for applications, offering crypto entrepreneurs a growth-focused platform with support from major institutions, aiming to boost project visibility and user acquisition rather than fundraising.
  • Selected projects will benefit from extensive promotional support, educational resources, and access to a vast network, including a feature in CoinList’s newsletter reaching over 10 million users, along with significant service credits from AWS, Alchemy, and others.

CoinList, a renowned platform in the crypto space, has once again opened its doors to innovative minds and trailblazing projects through its CoinList Seed program for the Winter 2024 batch. This unique initiative, designed to catalyze growth and enhance visibility for emerging crypto projects, has been a game-changer since its inception in 2020.

With a commitment to nurturing the next wave of crypto innovation, CoinList Seed, in collaboration with Lattice and support from top crypto institutions like Solana and Alchemy, invites crypto entrepreneurs to seize this opportunity and join a community of pioneers shaping the future of blockchain technology.

A platform for unprecedented growth and visibility

CoinList Seed has been instrumental in the journey of numerous crypto projects, providing a fertile ground for growth and exposure. Since its launch, the program has hosted eight cohorts, supporting 64 startups, including notable names like Injective Protocol and Biconomy. With a rigorous selection process and an acceptance rate of under 3% from over 2,500 applicants, CoinList Seed has established itself as a premier platform for fostering innovation in the crypto landscape.

Recognizing the evolving needs of crypto projects, CoinList Seed is transitioning its focus from private fundraising to fostering growth and visibility. The insight that visibility, rather than capital, is the scarcest resource for crypto projects has reshaped the program’s approach. The Winter 2024 cohort, powered by CoinList and Lattice, is set to offer a range of growth-centric opportunities, including a recorded demo day and unparalleled access to CoinList’s extensive global network of over 10 million users, all at no cost to the selected project teams.

What sets Coinlist Seed apart

CoinList Seed distinguishes itself by not conforming to the traditional models of incubators, fundraising platforms, or token launchpads. Instead, it positions itself as a targeted growth program, meticulously designed to accelerate project awareness and user acquisition. This strategic shift underscores CoinList Seed’s commitment to providing tangible value and support to crypto entrepreneurs, ensuring their projects receive the recognition and traction they deserve.

Participants in the CoinList Seed program are set to receive an array of benefits tailored to amplify their project’s reach and impact. These benefits include a feature story in CoinList’s newsletter, blog post promotions, social media amplification by CoinList, Lattice, and other supporting institutions, and prominent placement on the CoinList dashboard. Moreover, the hands-on support from the Lattice team, coupled with access to the vast CoinList & Lattice network of founders, provides an unparalleled ecosystem for growth and collaboration.

In addition to promotional support, participants will benefit from educational workshops, extensive media coverage, and exclusive discounts on select CoinList products. Furthermore, the program offers substantial credits for essential services like AWS, Alchemy, and Subsquid, ensuring that project teams have the resources they need to thrive in the competitive crypto market.

Seizing the opportunity: Who should apply

CoinList Seed is casting a wide net, seeking applications from project teams at various stages, from conceptual ideas to fully operational products generating revenue. The program’s inclusivity and flexibility make it an ideal platform for teams at any point in their product development journey. With regular cohorts and an unwavering commitment to innovation, CoinList Seed is eager to engage with teams poised to make a significant impact in the crypto space.

The application window for the Winter 2024 batch is now open, with a February 29, 2024 deadline. This presents a golden opportunity for crypto entrepreneurs to align their projects with a growth-oriented platform, access a massive global user base, and receive comprehensive support from industry-leading institutions and experts.


CoinList Seed Winter 2024 is not just an initiative; it’s a movement toward fostering the next generation of groundbreaking crypto projects. With its focus on growth, visibility, and community support, CoinList Seed is paving the way for crypto entrepreneurs to transform their visions into reality and make a lasting mark in the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology. As the application deadline approaches, the crypto community watches with anticipation, ready to witness the emergence of new pioneers set to redefine the boundaries of innovation and collaboration in the crypto ecosystem.

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