NFT indexes outperform Ether as the market matures


  • NFT indexes surged 10% in January, beating Ether’s 2.2% rise, thanks to a more mature NFT market.
  • NFT prices in Ether are catching up, driven by real-world utility interest, despite lower average NFT prices and wash trading.
  • Some NFT-related sectors are struggling, emphasizing the need for innovation in the blockchain space.

Non-fungible token (NFT) indexes have outpaced the performance of Ethereum (ETH) in January, rising by nearly 10% compared to ETH’s modest 2.2% gain. This surprising trend reflects the growing maturity and diversity of the NFT space, according to Yat Siu, the founder of Animoca Brands, who made these remarks during Taiwan Blockchain Week. 

This development marks a significant shift in the NFT market, as speculators have left, leaving behind a more dedicated and interested community.

NFT-500 and blue chip 10 indexes shine

The NFT-500 index monitors the 500 most valuable NFTs and has seen impressive year-to-date gains of 9.35%. Similarly, the Blue Chip 10 index has also surged by a similar percentage. These indexes’ remarkable performance suggests that NFTs are gaining recognition and value in crypto, even as Ether struggles to keep pace.

The NFT market’s rally in January is particularly notable, as initially, NFT prices in Ether did not mirror the cryptocurrency’s year-end surge. However, traders have changed their perspective, driven by a growing interest in NFTs’ utility and real-world applications. This shift reflects a more informed and mature investor sentiment than the speculative fervor that once dominated the NFT space.

NFT prices in Ether are catching up

Despite a sluggish start, NFT prices denominated in Ether have risen. This resurgence suggests that investors increasingly recognize NFTs’ intrinsic value and potential beyond their speculative appeal. As the hunt for practical uses and real-world applications intensifies, NFTs are regaining their footing in the market.

Yat Siu, the founder of Animoca Brands, emphasized that the newfound maturity and diversity of the NFT space have been instrumental in driving the recent price recovery. As many speculators exited the market, it strengthened the foundation by retaining a community genuinely interested in NFTs. 

This transition has played a pivotal role in supporting the price appreciation of NFTs and the broader adoption of blockchain-based assets.

Challenges in the NFT market

Despite the positive momentum, the NFT market is not without its challenges. The average price of an NFT has decreased by 13% to $107, as per data from CryptoSlam. However, the number of transactions has surged by 30%, indicating a higher activity level in the NFT space.

On the other hand, sales volume has experienced a 36% decline to $1.1 billion for the month. Additionally, CryptoSlam data reveals that wash trading, a form of market manipulation, accounts for a significant portion of trading volume, comprising 39%.

NFT-adjacent sectors face headwinds

While the NFT market has shown resilience and growth, not all sectors within the NFT ecosystem have enjoyed the same success. Some NFT-adjacent crypto sectors are facing challenges and are struggling to gain traction amid the evolving crypto landscape. This highlights the importance of differentiation and innovation within the broader blockchain and NFT space.

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