Cristiano Ronaldo Engages with NFT Holders Amid Legal Challenges


  • Cristiano Ronaldo collaborated with Binance to create unique fan experiences through NFTs, allowing holders to meet him and receive personal football tips, but he’s facing legal challenges over allegations of promoting unregistered securities.
  • Despite the legal hurdles, including difficulties in serving Ronaldo with legal notices, his engagement with NFTs continues to blend the worlds of sports, digital assets, and celebrity influence, highlighting the complexities of digital asset regulations and celebrity endorsements.


In a remarkable event that blended the worlds of sports and digital assets, football icon Cristiano Ronaldo recently took to the field with fans who are also holders of his Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). 

The exclusive event, sponsored by the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, offered these fans the chance to meet their idol and receive personal football tips from the legend himself. The event, highlighted by a video released by Binance on January 25, showcased Ronaldo’s commitment to his fans and his ventures in the digital asset space.

Ronaldo’s NFT journey with Binance

The journey of Cristiano Ronaldo into NFTs began in 2022 when he inked a multiyear partnership with Binance. The collaboration was not just about releasing NFT collections; it was also about crafting unique experiences for the NFT holders. Ronaldo’s first NFT collection under the partnership was a testament to his desire to connect with his fans on a new level, offering them unprecedented access and experiences through digital tokens.

In a press release, Ronaldo emphasized the significance of his relationship with his fans, expressing his enthusiasm for bringing them unique experiences through NFTs. His journey with Binance continued into 2023, marked by promotional activities that included a lie detector test during the release of his second NFT collection. Ronaldo’s admission of owning NFTs, confirmed as truthful by the lie detector, was a moment that resonated with many in the Web3 community.

Legal hurdles amidst the NFT promotions

While Ronaldo’s foray into the world of NFTs and his engagement with his fans have been well-received by many, there have been legal challenges brewing in the background. Some critics argue that Ronaldo’s involvement with Binance’s NFT arm might have led to the promotion of investments in what they consider unregistered securities on the exchange. The contention culminated in a class-action lawsuit filed against the football star on November 27, 2023, in a United States district court in Florida. The lawsuit alleges that Ronaldo was actively involved in the offer and sale of unregistered securities in coordination with Binance.

The legal process has not been straightforward, primarily due to difficulties in serving Ronaldo, whose address in Saudi Arabia is not publicly available. In a move to overcome these challenges, the plaintiffs filed a motion on January 16, requesting permission to employ alternative methods for serving the legal notice. These methods include sending the notice via email, X (formerly known as Twitter), and website publication. The plaintiffs argue that these methods comply with international agreements, aiming to ensure that the legal process moves forward.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s engagement with his NFT holders is a vivid illustration of how the worlds of sports, digital assets, and even legal challenges can intersect in today’s interconnected environment. While fans cherish the unique experiences brought forth by Ronaldo’s NFT initiatives, the unfolding legal challenges remind us of the complex and often uncharted waters of digital asset regulations and celebrity endorsements. As the situation evolves, it will undoubtedly provide valuable insights into the interaction between emerging digital asset trends, celebrity influence, and regulatory frameworks.

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