South Korean telecom company KT Corporation winds down its NFT platform


  • KT Corporation is shutting down its NFT platform, MINCL, due to changing business conditions, reflecting a shift in the digital asset industry.
  • Users of MINCL, especially holders of KT Wiz Rookie Pack NFTs, are advised to transfer their assets to external wallets before the platform closes.
  • This move is part of a broader trend in South Korea’s tech sector, where companies are reevaluating their digital asset strategies amidst uncertain market returns.

KT Corporation, a major South Korean telecommunications entity, is set to shut down its non-fungible token (NFT) platform, MINCL. This decision, announced recently, marks a notable shift in the company’s digital strategy.

MINCL, operational since April 2022, offers services, including NFT minting, trading, and wallet functionalities. It catered to both retail and institutional clientele. The platform’s closure, scheduled for March 4, is attributed to “shifting business conditions,” as stated by KT Corporation. This change indicates the challenges and uncertainties prevalent in the digital asset sector.

Impact on NFT holders and broader implications

The closure of MINCL necessitates action from users, particularly those holding KT Wiz Rookie Pack NFTs. KT Corporation has advised these NFT owners to transfer their digital assets to external e-wallets before the platform ceases operations. Post the service conclusion date, access to remaining NFTs on MINCL will not be possible.

This move by KT Corporation is part of a larger trend observed within South Korea’s technology sector, where companies are reassessing their involvement in the digital asset space. For instance, Netmarble F&C, a South Korean game developer, recently disbanded its metaverse division, leading to the layoff of all 70 employees. Similarly, Hyundai Department Store is planning to terminate its H.NFT digital wallet service by the end of March.

Reflecting on the future of digital ventures

The decisions by these corporations, including KT Corporation, reflect a broader sentiment among business executives regarding digital ventures. Park Hye-jin, a metaverse technology specialist at the Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies, commented on this trend. According to Park, companies are increasingly cautious about continuing operations in sectors that have not yielded significant short-term profits. This approach is often seen in large corporations exploring new business avenues driven by market trends and the fear of missing out (FOMO).

KT Corporation’s strategic realignment away from its NFT platform signals a critical juncture in the digital asset industry. It highlights the challenges companies face in sustaining profitable ventures in rapidly changing and often speculative markets like NFTs and the metaverse. As the digital asset landscape continues to evolve, the actions of major players like KT Corporation will be crucial in shaping the future direction of this innovative yet volatile sector.

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