Ripple’s XRP sales: Market impact and regulatory perspective


  • Ripple’s XRP sales sparked debate due to accusations of price manipulation using bot services.
  • Commentator Sherrie argues that Ripple’s actions result from business strategy, not manipulation.
  • Legal investigations and audits have supported Ripple’s adherence to regulatory standards.

Ripple’s XRP sales and their impact on the cryptocurrency market have ignited a contentious debate within the community. Allegations of price manipulation by Ripple have been fueled by recent revelations of the company’s utilization of various bot services to orchestrate routine XRP sales.

Sherrie’s perspective: Differentiating manipulation from causation

In response to accusations of market manipulation, commentator Sherrie has articulated a nuanced perspective, drawing a clear distinction between intentional manipulation and natural causation. By likening Ripple’s actions to dropping an apple, Sherrie argues that the company’s decision to sell XRP is not necessarily manipulative but a consequence of their business strategy.

Sherrie further emphasizes the role of supply and demand dynamics in market transactions, citing examples such as Apple’s selling and repurchasing of shares. Contrary to popular belief, Sherrie asserts that such actions, while influencing market dynamics, are intrinsic to economic principles and do not inherently constitute manipulation.

Regulatory clarity: Audits and legal investigations

Crucially, Sherrie points to audits and legal investigations into Ripple’s business transactions as evidence supporting the company’s adherence to regulatory standards. She highlights a federal judge’s determination, based on substantial evidence, that XRP follows the market trajectory of Bitcoin. Moreover, Sherrie notes the outcome of a July 2023 ruling, which validated the legality of Ripple’s XRP sales, reinforcing the absence of illicit activities.

Despite Sherrie’s argument, concerns persist within the crypto community regarding Ripple’s influence on XRP’s market value. The disclosure of bot services employed by Ripple has intensified scrutiny, with critics contending that such tactics undermine the market’s integrity.

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