Expert reveals key reasons behind Ripple’s (XRP) decline since 2017


  • WrathofKahneman, a notable figure in the XRP community, attributes the poor performance to negative propaganda and legal issues.
  • XRP’s price peaked at $1.19 in 2017 but faced a significant decline in subsequent years.
  • Despite introducing features like smart contracts, XRP has struggled to attract a significant developer base.

Due to its fluctuating fortunes, Ripple (XRP) has become a topic of keen interest. Once a promising contender in the digital currency market, Ripple has faced various challenges that have impacted its performance and market position.

Historical performance and recent developments

Since its notable rally in 2017, XRP has witnessed a rollercoaster of price movements, often lagging behind major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to data shared by the XRP community figure WrathofKahneman, XRP’s price history shows significant fluctuations, with a peak of $1.19 on December 21, 2017, followed by a decline to $0.35 in 2018 and further down to $0.19 in 2019. Despite mild increases in subsequent years, reaching $0.94 in 2021, XRP failed to match the highs other cryptocurrencies saw during the same period.

2022 saw a decline to $0.30; as of the current year, XRP stands at $0.62. Though an improvement from the previous year, this performance has not met investor expectations, especially given the legal clarity surrounding the token. The underperformance has been underscored by the rise of Solana (SOL), which recently surpassed XRP in market capitalization.

The underperformance of Ripple has raised concerns within its community. Pro-crypto lawyer Bill Morgan pointed out the token’s weak long-term trend, noting that attempts to discuss this issue often met with hostility rather than rational dialogue. In response, WrathofKahneman highlighted several factors impeding XRP’s growth.

One significant challenge has been negative perceptions surrounding Ripple. In 2017, allegations of being a “centralized banker’s coin” damaged its reputation, making it less attractive than other decentralized tokens. Additionally, the legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over an alleged unregistered securities offering has cast a shadow of uncertainty over XRP. Despite recent legal victories, the lawsuit’s conclusion remains unresolved.

Furthermore, WrathofKahneman noted that Ripple lacked certain features attracting speculative investors, like smart contracts. Although the XRP Ledger is evolving to include these features, the lack of developer engagement compared to other platforms has been a drawback. The expectation that banks and financial institutions would adopt XRP has not materialized as anticipated.

The road ahead for Ripple

Despite these challenges, XRP continues to demonstrate resilience. Its survival, termed a “miracle” by some community members, is attributed to its inherent utility. XRP’s journey illustrates the complexities and volatility of the cryptocurrency market, where innovations, legal challenges, and market perceptions can significantly influence a token’s trajectory.

As the cryptocurrency landscape evolves, XRP’s future will likely be shaped by its ability to adapt to market demands, overcome legal hurdles, and foster a robust ecosystem that attracts developers and users alike. The token’s journey serves as a case study in the volatile and unpredictable world of digital currencies, where success is not solely determined by technological potential but also by market dynamics and investor sentiment.

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