Jito Labs discontinues Mempool feature amid sandwich attacks


  • Jito Labs has suspended the mempool functionality of its Solana client to address the issue of sandwich attacks exploiting transaction ordering.
  • This decision reverses Jito’s earlier stance on front-running, acknowledging the challenge of enforcing restrictions against it.
  • Despite the mempool suspension, Jito Labs remains committed to supporting the Solana ecosystem and minimizing negative impacts of Miner Extractable Value (MEV).

Jito Labs, the developer behind a popular alternative client for the Solana blockchain, announced the suspension of its mempool function, addressing issues related to sandwich attacks that have been affecting traders. The company made this announcement via a tweet on Friday, indicating a shift in strategy due to the exploitative trading practices facilitated by their mempool functionality.

Mempools, where transactions wait before being added to the blockchain, have become a battleground for such attacks. Solana itself does not utilize a mempool, but Jito’s approach to transaction ordering created vulnerabilities. This decision comes shortly after Jito Labs revisited its stance on front-running, a practice linked to sandwich attacks, where traders exploit the gap between a transaction’s announcement in the mempool and its execution to manipulate market prices for profit.

Efforts to mitigate negative MEV impacts

Jito Labs had been exploring ways to combat negative Miner Extractable Value (MEV) impacts, including sandwich attacks, on the Solana ecosystem. Despite efforts to create engineering solutions to reject these exploitative transactions, the team found it challenging to keep pace with the evolving tactics of MEV searchers. As a result, suspending the mempool function was seen as a necessary step to protect the ecosystem from these detrimental strategies.

The company reassures that other functionalities of the Jito Block Engine, such as the processing of bundles, will remain operational. Jito Labs reaffirmed its commitment to the Solana community, emphasizing its focus on the Jito Network to provide additional revenue streams for validators and stakers and enhance Solana’s execution environment for all users. This move reflects Jito Labs’ dedication to minimizing the negative impact of MEV on the Solana blockchain and its participants.

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