Ripple CTO rejects Coin Metric reports; claims timeline issue

David Schwartz- Ripple’s CTO rejected the CoinMetrics report stating that it occurred because of an issue with the timeline.

A quarterly report by Ripple faced huge denigration and suspicion after CoinMetrics published a report detailing that it has found multiple disagreements between ripple’s public report and the one appeared on the XRP ledger.

The CoinMetric’s report stated that the quarterly market reports had miss-reported XRP released from escrow by approximately two hundred million XRP that accounts for eighty-four million dollars at current worth ($84 million).

Moreover, the report assumed that the escrow queue was differently employed than it was notified formally.

Hence, the forthcoming market release of XRP was quicker than the proclaimed program. The report stated that the quarters Q3 of 2018 and Q1 of 2019 were where the difference was observed.

The CTO retorted to CoinMetrics by declaring that the matter was a timeline issue simply. He further added that the firm yanked the timeline in 2018 to imitate trades taking place every month of the quarter instead of linking returns to date of the early escrow release.

In addition, Schwartz tweeted that ripple is planning to add additional languages to future market reports to ensure transparency.

A Twitter user @Stevezajac3 remarked that a scam is a scam. Unexpected tokens are not true crypto, but only a method of printing free money.