Basic Attention Token (BAT) price analysis 18 May 2019; correction after 9pc surge

The altcoins have also performed well, and the basic action token (BAT) was increased up to 9% in an hour on May 18.

There is great volatility in the crypto-market; the Bitcoin has done a remarkable performance for the last week. However, different altcoins surge prices based on various factors, including the market capitalization.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) price analysis 18 May 2019; correction after 9pc surge 2Basic Attention Token BAT price chart by Trading View

The trading analysis of one-hour chart of BAT has revealed the increase of over nine percent (9.32%). The market cap was found to be around four hundred and ninety-seven million dollars ($497m).

The trading volume was noted sixty- four million dollars ($64m) that indicates the growth of over eleven percent (11.32%). The whole crypto-world is excited with the performance of BAT and people are even exchanging other coins with BAT.

Recently, a Twitter user exchanged Ethereum with BAT and said that he has sold all his ETH even on loss and started buying BAT.

There is a lot of advancements and growth in BAT prices, especially with the abrupt increase of BAT the people are showing great interest in this sector.

Coinbase’s Earn project is striving to make people enable to learn about crypto, which will give more surge to the BAT prices. Moreover, the HTC new phone Exodus 1 has launched a new feature for all the crypto-users to earn BAT.

On the platform of, the BAT was trading greatly with a volume of over nine million dollars ($9.93m) through BAT/USD pair. Whereas the second and the third places are taken by Coinbit and CoinBene respectively.