Near, Polygon forge a path for zkWASM innovation


  • Near and Polygon partner to integrate zero-knowledge proofs with WebAssembly (WASM) for enhanced blockchain development.
  • The collaboration introduces zkWASM to simplify the validation process for Near’s layer-1 validators and allow developers to code in languages beyond Solidity.
  • An interoperability layer is being developed to connect WASM chains on Near with Polygon’s CDK chains, promoting liquidity and composability with Ethereum.

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, two prominent platforms, Near and Polygon, have taken a bold step forward.

The pair recently unveiled a partnership aimed at integrating zero-knowledge (zk) proofs with WebAssembly (WASM), as declared at the NEARCON event in Lisbon.

This groundbreaking move is poised to redefine the parameters of privacy and efficiency within the blockchain realm.

Unleashing Developer Potential with zkWASM

At the core of this collaboration is the goal to furnish developers using Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK) with the cutting-edge tools of zkWASM.

This innovative blend of technologies is set to streamline the development process, liberating developers from the confines of Solidity and traditional proving methods.

No longer bound to verify shards independently—autonomous databases that record transactions and smart contracts—Near’s layer-1 validators will experience a simplification in their verification processes.

zkWASM stands as a beacon of potential, offering a prover system that validates claims without divulging underlying data. Such a mechanism is pivotal for upholding privacy in transactions and smart contract interactions.

This technological advancement presents an enticing prospect for developers to dive into Web3 development, bypassing the complexities previously associated with blockchain coding.

Bridging Networks, Amplifying Liquidity

Diving deeper, this alliance between Near and Polygon is not merely a technological endeavor but a strategic one. An interoperability layer is currently under construction, poised to interlink WASM chains on Near with those deployed via Polygon’s CDK.

This layer, coupled with a shared bridge, promises a seamless flow of Ethereum liquidity to these networks without compromising composability—a concept crucial for maintaining interdependent processes on the blockchain.

The significance of this integration extends beyond the technical; it signifies a vital step towards aligning the Near protocol with Ethereum’s robust ecosystem.

This compatibility is expected to unlock a reservoir of Ethereum liquidity, providing a boon to developers and end-users alike. In the voice of Polygon’s co-founder, the customization possibilities are set to escalate.

Developers will have the luxury to select from an array of provers when building with the CDK. This flexibility caters to a diverse range of blockchain applications, whether launching new chains or migrating existing ones.

A New Dawn for Blockchain Technology

The zkWASM prover, slated for release in the forthcoming year, represents just a fragment of the wider CDK ecosystem. Each prover within this toolkit will bring distinct advantages, collectively enhancing the scalability and decentralization of Near’s layer-1 protocol.

What emerges from this synergy is a fusion of Near’s and Polygon’s expertise, set to broaden the zk frontier. This collaboration is a strategic move to defragment liquidity across chains, marking a decisive leap towards a more interconnected and fluid blockchain universe.

In conclusion, this partnership between Near and Polygon is not just another milestone. It is a testament to the power of collaborative innovation in pushing the boundaries of what blockchain technologies can achieve.

The introduction of zkWASM is a clarion call to developers and blockchain enthusiasts: the future is here, and it is ripe with possibilities for privacy, efficiency, and a seamlessly interconnected ecosystem.

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