Magic Eden advances Polygon support to foster NFT marketplace growth


  • Magic Eden has launched new features for Polygon, including a tool that consolidates NFT listings and a royalty enforcement mechanism.
  • The NFT platform has also made its Polygon API public to allow for broader integration of marketplace features by developers.
  • Originally a Solana-focused marketplace, Magic Eden has expanded to support Polygon NFT minting and trading, enhancing its web3 gaming asset offerings.

Magic Eden has enhanced its platform to offer a suite of new features for users on the Polygon network. This move is set to streamline the user experience, particularly for those engaging with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Enhanced royalty enforcement and API access

Magic Eden, the prominent NFT marketplace, has taken significant steps to strengthen its relationship with Polygon. Consequently, the platform has introduced an innovative aggregation tool. This tool is designed to consolidate listings from various marketplaces, simplifying the search and acquisition process for users. Moreover, Magic Eden has instituted a royalty enforcement mechanism for transactions within its Polygon Point of Sale (PoS) marketplace. This ensures that creators receive their due earnings from sales, maintaining the integrity of the marketplace’s financial dealings.

The launch of Magic Eden’s publicly available Polygon API marks another significant stride. Now, developers can seamlessly incorporate marketplace functionalities into their projects. Hence, the potential for new applications and services within the Polygon ecosystem is vast. 

Magic Eden’s co-founder and CEO, Jack Lu, remarks on the platform’s potential, emphasizing a shared vision for growth within the Polygon community. This includes attracting more collectors, creators, and game developers to contribute to this evolution.

A broader scope for gamers and collectors

Originally, Magic Eden made its mark as Solana’s dedicated digital asset marketplace. However, the platform’s embrace of Polygon in November 2022 signaled a broader horizon. Initially, Magic Eden integrated support for existing Polygon NFTs. Subsequently, within a month, it extended its capabilities to include the minting and trading of Polygon NFTs.

This extension was not merely additive but transformative. Magic Eden’s move to support Polygon NFT minting and trading was a tactical decision. It diversified the platform’s offerings and underscored its commitment to the web3 gaming assets niche. Additionally, this expansion facilitated a more dynamic environment for creators and collectors. It provided them with increased flexibility and access to a broader array of digital assets.

Magic Eden’s initiative to bolster its services on the Polygon network represents a forward-thinking approach to the evolving digital asset marketplace. Significantly, it also underscores the platform’s agility in adapting to the shifting dynamics of blockchain technology and user demands. Moreover, the integration with Polygon has positioned Magic Eden as a versatile player in the NFT space. This aligns them with the growing trend of multi-chain functionality.

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