KT develops halal blockchain authentication

KT develops halal blockchain authentication

KT, the largest telecommunications company in South Korea, has announced plans for the release of a halal blockchain authentication service.

The idea behind this service is to give consumers the opportunity to check whether the food they’ve purchased is halal or not. Halal food should comply with the traditions of the Islamic religion, as defined by the Quran.

Halal blockchain authentication

Much like with other religious food restrictions, Muslims have a hard time finding certified halal food. 

Thanks to this halal blockchain authentication service, many of the people seeking to consume halal food will be able to quickly check if a piece of food is halal, or not.

What KT is looking to achieve is to create a global network of halal food producers, who will all participate in a centralized blockchain platform. By registering their products with the halal blockchain authentication service, producers will automatically have their products shown to interested customers. 

Blockchain in the food industry

Blockchain technology has started rapidly entering numerous sectors and industries. From travel to health, the versatility of decentralized ledgers attracts the attention of a wide variety of enterprises. 

Recently, Walmart announced that it would be using blockchain tracking systems, to certify the origin and quality of seafood coming from Indian fisheries. Sicily is also introducing revolutionary practices by legalizing the use of blockchain technology in food supply chains

What KT is looking to achieve is commendable, as the company is trying to ease an otherwise challenging food selection process. Finding halal food, especially in non-Muslim countries, can be very difficult, and blockchain solutions are a good starting point, for making it easier on halal consumers.

Tina Yordanova

Tina Yordanova

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