Joseph Lubin sees Ethereum’s growth surge in the next few years

Ethereum’s growth surge in the next few years is certain. It is unsure if this confidence is based on mere hope or conviction, but the co-founder of Ethereum believes so. Envisioned to spike in two years, the surge will result in a thousand times its current value.

While this confidence in Ethereum seems baseless, the statistics of how the cryptocurrency has fared so far supports the prediction. Ethereum is generally recognized as the prevailing cryptocurrency, despite the challenges it has encountered.

Co-founder Joseph Lubin is undeterred by the challenges as it is engineered to effect a price change for Ethereum, a new phase called “Ethereum 2.0.” Its entrance is commensurate with the changing phenomenon in Blockchain, where more bitcoin validates Blockchain transactions, but it is unknown if this will deliver the desired improvement for Ethereum.

Pathway For Ethereum 2.0

In a conference held in Austin, Texas, the co-founder described the pathway for Ethereum 2.0. The entrance of this modern phase has been divided into four stages. Presently at stage 0, the currency will continue growing till it becomes a thousand times its previous value through the expansion of the base two layer.

Right from the entry of Ethereum in 2009, the token price had changed significantly to become five thousand times more valuable as a result of effected changes.

This cryptocurrency idea surrounds the desire to remain at the forefront in smart contracting, being the pioneer in Blockchain. To achieve this, other leading currencies utilizing the smart contract Blockchain must be exceeded, especially as it relates to the algorithm.

Ethereum 2.0 pathway shall adopt a new algorithm pattern, and with the expansion on the base layer, the speed of this new phase will be rapidly increasing its presence in the ecosystem.

Lupin further stressed “one of the significant corrections was done in 2018, which was 5,000-times more valuable than when ETH was initially launched.”.

A Successful Plan

Having pioneered smart contracts, Ethereum can fast-track its roadmap into its second generation. However, due to some developmental challenges, Ethereum lagged behind other currencies like NEO, Tron, EOS and Cardano.

The laid out plan for Ethereum’s’ growth will represent the game changer. It shall prevail over developmental challenges and make the coin more tempting to trade in.