Bitcoin guaranteed success not influenced by price changes

The US presidential aspirant, John McAfee has made several tweets about the potential success of Bitcoin. He remains unperturbed about this technology, assuring the populace that in no time Bitcoin will be widely accepted. Also, he mentioned that the possible changes that might happen to prices would still have no effect in the crypto market.

McAfee is a long supporter of Bitcoin and he intends to promote the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as he carries on with his campaign. The presence of other transaction units will not deter the expected success of Bitcoin, as tweeted by McAfee.

The inevitable success of Bitcoin

McAfee obliges the Bitcoin enthusiasts to continue to agree with him as he projects cryptocurrency. Comparing digital currencies with automobiles, the crypto Lord is certain of a win and general acceptance at the end. Reestablishing again the ‘no-influence’ price changes have on Bitcoin, McAfee assures enthusiasts to remain calm throughout the year.

Fear in the crypto market due to manipulation – SEC

Remarks by McAfee about Bitcoin seemed to have been instigated by Jay Clayton. Jay Clayton recently highlights the possible influence of price changes to the success of Cryptocurrencies.

The head of SEC believes the capability of tycoons in the field to effect these price changes, the determinant of the SEC’s acceptance. Another determining factor is high instability in the world of digital currencies. The US presidential Candidate sought to promote Bitcoin via a debate with the SEC head, but it wasn’t fruitful. Obnoxious words expressed his displeasure with Jay Clayton.