Illuvium to launch on Epic Games Store this month


  • Illuvium, the cutting-edge Web3 game, is set to launch on the Epic Games Store on November 28th, 2023.
  • Built using Unreal Engine 5 on the Immutable X network, the game offers a next-level RPG chain gaming experience.
  • The game’s presence on Epic Games Store means exposure to over 180 million users, with a seamless auto-update feature for the latest gameplay experience.

As the gaming industry braces for the next wave of innovation, Illuvium is at the forefront, primed to drop anchor in the bustling harbor of the Epic Games Store this November.

The much-anticipated arrival of Illuvium, a cutting-edge Web3 game, is poised to reshape the landscape of RPG chain gaming.

Developed by the visionary team at Illuvium Labs and crafted on the formidable Unreal Engine 5 within the Immutable X network, this game encapsulates a futuristic vision where technology meets artistry.

A New Arena for PVP Battles

Illuvium’s introduction to the Epic Games Store isn’t just a standard procedure; it’s a grand entrance into an arena teeming with over 180 million users.

With the store’s vast daily user engagement, Illuvium is set to be thrust into a spotlight that will illuminate every facet of its intricate design and immersive gameplay.

The integration with Epic Games ensures that each player will have the latest version at their fingertips, thanks to the seamless, auto-updating mechanism – a feature that promises to keep the action flowing as smoothly as the narratives within the Illuvium universe.

The Beta 3: PVP version promises a competitive experience that’s not only about clashing in the arena but also strategizing with the wisdom of a warlord and the precision of a chess grandmaster.

This isn’t just a game; it’s a testament to the evolution of the auto battler genre, where every move is a dance between cunning and chance.

Unleashing Illuvium’s Potential to the Masses

With the gates of early access set wide open, Illuvium isn’t just beckoning to the existing legion of 1.5 million registered enthusiasts; it’s a clarion call to the masses waiting to be enthralled by the next big thing in gaming.

The Epic Games Store, renowned for its robust community and legendary titles, offers a platform where Illuvium can not only grow but thrive in a habitat built for the ambitious and the bold.

This venture is about more than just playing games; it’s about setting sail on a voyage through Illuvium’s vast expanse, exploring new territories, and conquering the unknown.

It’s a leap into a universe that’s bound to grow, bringing with it a galactic community eager to dive into the captivating lore of Illuvium.

As the countdown to the PVP launch ticks away, the community is teeming with anticipation, ready to engage in a spectacle that is uniquely Illuvium.

With the robust backing of the Epic Games Store, this isn’t merely an event; it’s a milestone, a colossal beacon signaling Illuvium’s place in the annals of gaming history.

The arrival of Illuvium on the Epic Games Store on November 28th, 2023, stands as a clarion call to all gaming aficionados – to the strategists, the dreamers, and the fighters.

It’s time to mark your calendars, set reminders, and prepare for an encounter that promises to blend the ferocity of competition with the beauty of a meticulously crafted digital world.

This is where gaming transcends play; it’s where legends are forged and tales are woven into the digital tapestry of tomorrow.

Illuvium is not just launching; it’s ascending to a realm where its name will resonate for eons, echoing through the halls of the Epic Games Store and into the hearts of gamers worldwide.

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