Stablecoin regulation in focus for European Banking Authority


  • The European Banking Authority (EBA) has proposed new guidelines for stablecoin issuers, setting minimum capital and liquidity requirements to enhance market stability.
  • These proposed regulations are in the public consultation phase until January 2024, after which, if approved, they will be implemented starting in June 2024.



The European Banking Authority (EBA), the regulatory body overseeing the banking sector within the European Union, has put forth a comprehensive proposal aimed at regulating stablecoin issuers. This move could mark a significant step in the maturation of the cryptocurrency market, particularly for stablecoins, which are digital assets typically pegged to the value of fiat currencies. The EBA’s proposed framework is designed to establish a set of minimum capital and liquidity requirements that stablecoin issuers must adhere to, ensuring stability and consumer protection.

Public Consultation: A pathway to robust stablecoin framework

The EBA’s proposal is currently in a critical phase of public consultation, set to last for the next three months. This period allows stakeholders, industry experts, and the general public to provide feedback on the proposed regulations. The guidelines, if accepted, are slated to be implemented in June 2024. This timeline provides a window for stablecoin issuers to prepare for compliance with the new regulations.

The proposed liquidity guidelines are particularly focused on safeguarding against the risks associated with rapid redemption demands, especially during market downturns. The aim is to prevent scenarios akin to bank runs, where a sudden surge in withdrawals could lead to a liquidity crisis. To combat this, the EBA mandates that stablecoins backed by fiat currencies must be fully redeemable at par value for investors at all times.

Stress testing for stability and security

A cornerstone of the EBA’s proposal is the introduction of liquidity stress tests for stablecoin issuers. These tests are designed to simulate extreme market conditions to ensure that stablecoins have sufficient liquidity buffers. The outcome of these stress tests will enable the EBA, or the relevant competent authority, to identify potential liquidity shortfalls and enforce stricter requirements if necessary.

“The liquidity stress testing will assist token issuers in better managing their asset reserves and overall liquidity risk,” the EBA’s proposal states. “Depending on the results, the EBA or the applicable authority may opt to enhance the liquidity mandates of the issuer.”

The proposed rules are not just about maintaining market stability; they also aim to level the playing field between stablecoin issuers and traditional banks. By subjecting non-bank stablecoin issuers to similar regulatory standards as banks, the EBA seeks to eliminate any undue capital or liquidity advantages that could distort the market. The guidelines underscore the EBA’s commitment to a regulated and fair financial environment, where the benefits of innovation can be harnessed without compromising the safety of the financial system or the protection of consumers. The public hearing will be a pivotal moment for the proposal, potentially setting the stage for a new era of regulated stablecoins in the European Union.


The EBA’s proposed guidelines represent a proactive approach to the oversight of stablecoins, with the potential to significantly impact the cryptocurrency landscape. The public consultation phase offers a crucial opportunity for community input, and the subsequent implementation of these guidelines could herald a new standard for the operation and management of stablecoins within the European Union’s financial ecosystem. As the deadline for the public hearing approaches, the EBA’s proposal stands as a testament to the evolving dialogue between the financial sector and the innovative world of digital assets.

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