Hychain Games to Launch ‘Hytopia’: A New Web3 Gaming Utopia


  • Hychain Games is set to launch the closed beta of Hytopia, a Web3 game blending Minecraft’s creativity with blockchain benefits, this June.
  • With $8 million raised and over a million pre-registrations, Hytopia aims to redefine blockchain gaming by offering a unique, community-driven experience.

Hychain Games, the game-changing company that has been at the forefront of the adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming space, will this June unveil its closed beta version of its leading web3 game, Hytopia. This announcement comes after the successful $8 million fundraising through the node sale laid a foundation for which to build the community’s interest in, and support for, the gaming project.

Hytopia, which is a new feature inundated with the spirit of the Minecraft hit game, gives players a new kind of gaming experience that goes beyond traditional gaming and explores the inherent advantages of blockchain, thus bringing a renewed interest to the game.

The game is built on the technology of Hychain Layer 2, which provides a basis for a completely new financial model involving USDT tokens as well as other types of media. Hychain offers high performance and security. The Hytopia’s player base boasts more than a million pre-registrations which provides every reason for a reinvention of that old notion of “blockchain gaming”

The financial backbone: $8 million of the fundraising through the ICO phase

The key financial hurdle achieved in the process of the node sale testifies to the vote of confidence that the community has cast in Hytopia and its technology that operates in the background. It took 2,098 ETH, $8 million in total value, from the community within 48 hours of listing the sale announcement.

About 15% of it was shared with several creators in Hubchain Games’ ecosystem, too. Therefore, the problem of non-sustainable development may go unnoticed because the project’s funds numbers show the project’s viability and, at the same time, emphasize on the income opportunities available for the participants and creators themselves.

Beyond Minecraft: Addressing the above-mentioned Gap

In essence, Hytopia’s beginning story begins with the limitations and briars tangled around the virtual world of Minecraft, namely the issue of monetization and personal freedom. The decision of Minecraft by Mojang Studios which was to ban NFT integration within Minecraft eventually gave rise to a platform that could now welcome the current trends and needs of gamers and creators. Hytopia will match this need to exist via a system that does not only consider the players’ creative and financial desires but will also make their playing experience better when it has added a new stage to the customization by allowing better performance and an open creativity ecosystem.

As the desired number of nodes for the first phase was reached after the node sale, Hychain Games has moved swiftly to launching the mainnet, which marks an even more significant milestone in the project’s development. This enablement is responsible for the operation of various features, from transactions and deployment of contracts to the formation of sophisticated systems, thus acting as a basis for a futuristic, engaging, and interactive gaming environment.

The fact that the closed beta of Hytopia, the product of Hychain Games, will take place is not only the end of a long road for us but also the time when all these gamers will be able to try our blockchain-based universe and see if our game is successful or not.


Hytopia’s gaming takes the lead in a new era of games, where exploration becomes simultaneous to the principle of creation while promoting decentralization and enabling economic value. Thus, just before the closed beta of the virtual world Hytopia is released by Hychain Games, the gaming world stands still and everyone prepares themselves to be on the way to a digital experience that is likely to change not only the user’s perception but also their interaction with virtual worlds. The one and the only, Hytopia, reflects and, at the same time, influences the existing interactive entertainment culture with its community, creativity, and novelty.

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