Minecraft Releases a New Update that Might Risk Losing Worlds 


  • Mojang advises Windows 10 and 11 Minecraft players not to update via the Xbox app due to a risk of losing worlds. 
  • There’s a troubleshooting guide on Microsoft’s forum that helps avoid this issue by updating Gaming Services. 
  • Backing up Minecraft worlds is recommended, allowing safe transfers across devices.

In a recent post, Mojang, the developer behind the popular game Minecraft, has issued a warning to its players. The cautionary advice specifically targets users operating on Windows 10 and 11. It’s urging them to avoid updating the game via the Xbox app. The reason? A glaring risk of losing their cherished worlds – a nightmare scenario for any dedicated player.

Exploring the update

The crux of Mojang’s warning revolves around a critical bug associated with the Xbox app update process. This glitch poses a dire threat to player saves, potentially wiping them out entirely. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Microsoft has been quick to respond. The tech giant has rolled out a detailed guide on its forums, aiming to arm players with the knowledge to bypass this hazardous pitfall.

For those looking to secure their gaming experience, the solution lies in a series of straightforward steps. Players are encouraged to launch the Xbox app, navigate to their profile icon, and select the Support option. From there, clicking on the Gaming Services Repair Tool and initiating the Start Troubleshooting process is the way forward. This procedure ensures the Gaming Services are upgraded to version 19.87.13001.0, effectively removing the bug that spells doom for Minecraft worlds on Windows.

Preservation of Minecraft worlds

While the bug casts a shadow over the gaming experience for many, it’s crucial to note its limitations. Mojang has clarified that Minecraft: Java Edition players remain untouched by this issue. Nonetheless, for those engrossed in the Minecraft for Windows (Bedrock) version, taking preemptive measures is highly advised. The game developers have not left their audience in the lurch, offering a beacon of hope in the form of world backups.

Backing up a world in Minecraft for Windows is a straightforward process. Players can safeguard their digital creations by selecting the world they wish to preserve. Then hitting the edit button, scrolling to the Export World option, and choosing a safe haven for their world file. This simple yet effective strategy not only shields players from potential update-related catastrophes but also facilitates the transfer of worlds across different devices, ensuring that one’s labor of love transcends platform boundaries.

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