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How to close a Coinbase account: All you need to know

coinbase account

Knowing how to close a Coinbase account is as important as opening one. As with all financial matters, closing an account often have unwanted consequences. But if you no longer want to trade on Coinbase or have discovered a better trading platform, or you didn’t have a good buying experience, you may choose to learn how to close a Coinbase account.

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Ensure you know if you have a Coinbase account or a Coinbase Pro account before you close/delete your account. Both accounts are priced differently, even though they have the same account information and preferences.

Coinbase is regarded as the best place to begin trading/buying cryptocurrencies. For the last five years, the popular crypto exchange platform has been ranked among the world’s top crypto exchanges in popularity, traffic, and trading volume.

More advanced traders should use Coinbase Pro, while novice investors should use Coinbase if they want a simple way to acquire cryptocurrency. You should be aware. However, closing or deleting your account will also shut or erase your Coinbase Pro account.

Steps to close a Coinbase account

Before heading on to delete your account, you must have zero funds in your Coinbase wallet. If you have any balance in your bank account, you must transfer it to an external wallet. Here are 5 easy to follow steps that would lead to the disclosure of your Coinbase account. 

Sign in to your account

Step:1 Visit the Coinbase website and sign in to your account to get started. You’ll be brought to your dashboard as soon as you log in successfully.

Coinbase Dashboard

Click on ‘Settings’

Step 2: On the upper right corner of the screen, click on your profile image. To return to the previous screen, choose Settings.

Coinbase Account

Click on ‘Activity Tab’

Step 3: Select the Activity Tab from the Coinbase Profile.

Click on ‘Close Account’

Step 4: In the Activity Tab, you may close your account by clicking on the “Close Account” option at the bottom of the page.

Coinbase close acccount

Step 5: Retype your password and click ‘Close Account’ to finish the process of logging out of your account. That’s all there is to it!

Consequences of deleting Coinbase account

How to close a Coinbase account: All you need to know 1

Before deleting your account, make sure you do not leave any funds there. Before deleting them, transfer them to an external wallet or another Coinbase user.

Please be aware that Coinbase may keep some of your profile information and other data for a minimum of five years to prevent fraud, settle disputes, or meet their legal requirements.

You’ve already read that deleting something can’t be undone. Decide if you want to terminate your account before you do. It’s best to deactivate the account if you no longer want to deal with crypto than keep it inactive.


After reading this instruction, you should have no trouble closing your Coinbase account. They have customer service available if you’re having difficulties. If you see any strange activity on your account, you may call their support service. You may always revive your account once it has been disabled. If you delete your account, note that this act is irrevocable.

FAQs on Coinbase

Can the Coinbase account be deleted?

Before closing your account, you must have a zero balance. To transfer any leftover balances from one wallet, you will need to transfer them to a new wallet.

How can you erase your Coinbase account from your phone?

Definitely! When you follow the advice to the letter, the website is responsive, but the navigations remain the same.

Do you need verification to close your Coinbase account?

Verifying an account is as simple as following the same steps as if you’ve already been using the service.

What happens if you close your Coinbase account?

To comply with legal responsibilities, prevent fraud, and settle disputes, Coinbase must keep certain of your personal information for a minimum of five years.

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