How to transfer from Coinbase to Kraken

Coinbase and Kraken are among the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the crypto world. These exchanges attract many cryptocurrency investors for trading, transferring, and holding crypto coins. They are topping the charts of popularity worldwide in recent times. Are you considering any of the top exchanges? You need to know how to transfer from Coinbase to Kraken, but that’s getting ahead of the whole preparation.

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You need to evaluate your interests regarding cryptocurrencies and find an exchange that aligns with your goals. For example, maybe you’re looking for a specific coin, or you want to continue learning more as you get into crypto investing. You can’t just buy cryptocurrency from your bank or investment firm. Once you’ve decided you want to buy some Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another cryptocurrency, you’ll need to create an account on a crypto trading platform to exchange your U.S. dollars (or other currency) for digital assets.

Basics of transferring funds

Transferring assets between exchanges is a science, not an art. Companies that focus solely on exchange usually offer competitive exchange rates and fees, a friendly online customer interface, and supportive customer service. Established exchanges aren’t just focused on slick online experiences at the lowest possible cost. Aside from expert knowledge, selected providers have an infrastructure arsenal, including well-established networks and customer service.

Every crypto trading platform is distinctive in its features and characteristics. They have different conditions for transactions, the deposit of funds and coins, sending Bitcoin, and other details. Each of them has various limitations, conditions, benefits, and drawbacks. Thus, consumers often weigh their pros and cons to opt for the best-suited platform.

Many people also opt for trading accounts on multiple platforms and wish to transfer assets from one wallet to the other. They might want to transfer Bitcoin through a deposit button. Transfer of Bitcoin from a Coinbase account to a new address is widespread among crypto users.

Introduction to Kraken

Kraken is a US-based exchange with headquarters in San Francisco. Kraken is probably one of the first places you will try to obtain your Bitcoin and Ethers so that you may exchange them to purchase other altcoins, for example, Ripple, EOS, or any other bizarrely named altcoins in the market. In terms of transfer costs, Kraken is one of the better options. Therefore, it is preferred by a large number of users.

Kraken is cheap and ubiquitous. Many consumers use it, but Kraken can be a headache, particularly if you are learning the ropes of crypto trading and trying to comprehend how to get started by depositing your bitcoin from your wallet on Coinbase.

Introduction to Coinbase

Coinbase is among the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Hundreds and thousands of users use it. It also acts as a go-to platform for new investors and traders of cryptocurrencies. Beginners use it to send Bitcoin. This is why it stands out among different exchanges.

Active users can also transfer their assets to other platforms and exchanges. They decide on their preferred exchange according to all the details and features. Kraken offers extensive features which make it incredibly popular among the crypto community.

Many users are currently transferring Bitcoin from Coinbase. They are making deposits into Kraken because of Kraken’s interface that is deemed simple and easy to use.

However, the world of cryptocurrencies is full of risks, and thus every trade or investment call should be made after proper research and consideration. Investors can also seek investment advice to have a better shot at the crypto market.

We will show you how to transfer from Coinbase to Kraken and give you all the necessary data and information to help you do this.

Step-by-step transfer from Coinbase exchange to Kraken account

We hope this guide helps you become a crypto transfer pro when moving assets from Coinbase to the Kraken exchange by following these easy steps.

Step 1: Log in to your Coinbase account

On the Dashboard bar, choose “Accounts” from the drop-down menu. If you are on your phone, this will display on the bottom bar of mobile accounts, next to the “Home Menu.”

Step 2: Choose the cryptocurrency you want to transfer

If you have multiple currencies in your wallet and wish to move any one of them to Kraken, you must choose that cryptocurrency to transfer from your wallet.

Step 3: Please type in your Kraken Account’s unique wallet address

You may find this wallet address in your Kraken account by tapping on “Funding” in the top right corner next to the “Trade” option. Make sure that you use your new address and not your expired deposit address.

When using the mobile app, remember to press the paper airplane icon in the upper right corner of the screen before entering the amount you want to send. For the deposit, you must first provide your Kraken wallet address. Re-tap to confirm.

You will be asked for your Kraken Deposit Address in the next step. Make sure that you are using the correct tag on the Kraken exchange.

When you start filling out the transfer request on Coinbase, the recipient/destination box is the first thing you will see. Later,  you will need to supply and type your Coinbase wallet address.

Finally, choose the kind of cryptocurrency you wish to deposit from the left-side menu. The procedure can be used to transfer Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or any other digital currency. You may want to check your Bitcoin wallet before transferring bitcoin from Coinbase.

Select “Generate New Address” once that is done so that you may generate the “Deposit Address.”

Step 4: Enter the Deposit address

We now input or enter the address produced in the previous step by going to the Funding section. The “Recipient” section of your Coinbase platform menu contains this component. Your next step would be to decide how much cash to transmit.

Add the address and press send if you are on your mobile device. On your phone, that is all there is to it!

Step 5: Click “Continue” to finish the process

It is important to double-check every transaction detail before finalizing the transfer. The transfers over blockchain technology cannot be reversed under any circumstances, and you may lose your investment over slight negligence.

Once you are done, the transfer of your bitcoin from Coinbase exchange to Kraken has now been completed. You may check your Kraken account in around 30 to 45 minutes to see whether it has been deposited yet.

The successful completion of the transaction or deposits will show up in your accounts. You may want to wait longer if you face network or connectivity issues.


After reading this guide, you will make an easy bitcoin transfer from Coinbase to Kraken. You have to pay a great deal of attention to the Destination Address and how to discover it in the comments and suggestions provided above.

Whether you are transferring BTC or any other asset, you are expected to ensure that the minor details are accurate. Once you are through this procedure, it will seem pretty easy the next time.

As a last precaution, be sure to double-check that your Kraken account has received the funds. The best approach for funding a Kraken account is to do it by following the instructions mentioned above.

You might be using Coinbase, Kraken, or any other exchange for your crypto-related activities. But your success in this form of the market depends on your risk management skills and your ability to spot the correct market entry and exit points. These platforms can boost your chance, but you have to make the final call every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you transfer assets from Coinbase exchange to Kraken?

Yes, you can quickly initiate valid transactions and transfer of crypto assets between the two platforms.

If you want to send bitcoin, how long does it take from a Coinbase account?

The bitcoin transfer usually takes less than three minutes and is very simple and quick. Most of the time, you will be able to see your assets in your wallet within minutes or hours after sending them, but this is not always the case.

Depending on the networks, the procedure will go at a different pace. Taking into account that miners authenticate these valid transactions. Network speeds have a significant role in how quickly this all gets done.

What happens if I use the wrong address by mistake?

Your BTC address should be correct and rechecked for no further complications. You might also use a QR code for verification before transferring Bitcoin from the Coinbase address.

It is essential to confirm and note the transaction on your Kraken account. Otherwise, you can contact the support team. A mistake in any of the addresses can result in a permanent loss of your funds.

Is there a maximum or a minimum number of transactions between Kraken and Coinbase?

No, you can initiate as many transactions as you want to transfer Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency token. Just make sure to note the proper deposit and recipient address every time.

Where can I check the history of my transfers?

You can check the history of your completed or canceled transfers through the history tab on the exchange platform. The deposits and withdrawal history are available in detail under this tab.

Can every crypto asset be transferred the same way as Bitcoin?

No, the details vary for a few crypto tokens. Many of them require scanning a QR code to complete and verify the transfer. The QR code is available on the platform’s website or application.

Does Coinbase charge fees for transferring assets to Kraken?

Yes, Coinbase charges network transaction fees like the miner fee for transactions off Coinbase.

Does Coinbase Pro charge fees for transferring assets to Coinbase?

No, Coinbase does not charge a fee for transferring assets between Coinbase wallets.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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