Gnosis Chain Implements Blob Transactions, Paving the Way for Ethereum’s Dencun Upgrade

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  • Gnosis Chain, a prominent sidechain operating alongside Ethereum, has successfully implemented the Dencun upgrade, introducing type 3 blob transactions aimed at enhancing scalability for decentralized applications (dapps).
  • The deployment of blobs on Gnosis Chain precedes their implementation on the Ethereum mainnet, expected with the Dencun upgrade.



In a significant development for the blockchain community, Gnosis Chain has successfully deployed a version of the eagerly anticipated Dencun upgrade, introducing type 3 blob transactions on its network. The move is aimed at enhancing the scalability of decentralized applications (dapps) by leveraging the innovative concept of blobs.

Gnosis Chain, which was previously known as xDai Chain, is a prominent sidechain that operates in parallel with Ethereum and is managed by GnosisDAO. With a total value locked (TVL) exceeding $320 million, Gnosis Chain is a vital hub for various dapps, including well-known projects like Balancer, Spark, Aave, and Aura.

The advent of Blob transactions on Gnosis Chain

The deployment of blob transactions, formally recognized as EIP-4844, marks a pivotal moment for Gnosis Chain and its ecosystem. Blob.Fm, a content-based platform, has the distinction of being the first dapp on Gnosis Chain to utilize blobs, showcasing the potential of the technology to revolutionize data handling and scalability on blockchain networks.

Stefan George, co-founder of Gnosis Chain, expressed his enthusiasm for the upgrade, stating, “Dencun is activated. Now you can use blobs to scale Gnosis or post funny pictures using blob.fm.” This comment highlights the dual utility of blobs, which can enhance the performance of serious financial applications while also supporting more light-hearted uses.

Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade and the future of Blobs

The introduction of blobs on Gnosis Chain is a precursor to their implementation on the Ethereum mainnet, scheduled to occur with the activation of the Dencun upgrade at epoch 269568. The landmark event is expected to take place tomorrow at 13:55 UTC, bringing the advantages of blob transactions to the broader Ethereum ecosystem.

Blobs are designed to be an additive feature, meaning they will increase data availability on the network without adversely affecting the existing Ethereum infrastructure. One of the most significant benefits of the upgrade is the potential for cheaper transactions across Layer 2 rollups. By enhancing data throughput and efficiency, blobs are expected to make decentralized applications more cost-effective and accessible, particularly for users on Layer 2 solutions.

Implications for the Blockchain ecosystem

The successful deployment of blob transactions on Gnosis Chain and the upcoming Dencun upgrade on Ethereum represent critical milestones in the ongoing evolution of blockchain technology. These developments are expected to address some of the most pressing challenges facing blockchain networks today, including scalability, data availability, and the cost of transactions.

As blob transactions become more widely adopted, they could play a crucial role in facilitating the growth of the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector and other blockchain-based applications. By making it more feasible for developers to create and operate dapps at scale, blobs have the potential to usher in a new era of innovation and accessibility in the blockchain space.


The introduction of blob transactions on Gnosis Chain and the imminent Dencun upgrade on Ethereum are significant steps forward for the blockchain community. These developments not only demonstrate the technical progress being made in enhancing network scalability and efficiency but also underscore the collaborative spirit of the blockchain ecosystem in seeking solutions to shared challenges. As blobs begin to play a more central role in the architecture of blockchain networks, the future of decentralized applications looks increasingly promising.

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