ChainGPT Launches $1 Million Grant Program to Foster Innovation in AI-Blockchain Space


  • ChainGPT offers $1 million grants for AI-blockchain startups, providing funding and access to AI tools.
  • Startups can apply online for grants up to $50,000 in USDT and product credits.
  • The program aims to boost innovation in Web3 by empowering startups with AI solutions for blockchain.

ChainGPT, a leading provider of AI-powered infrastructure for crypto, blockchain, and Web3, has unveiled a groundbreaking grant program to catalyze innovation at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. With a total allocation of up to $1 million, the grant initiative seeks to support startups across various stages of development, offering a diverse range of funding opportunities tailored to their needs.

Fostering collaboration and innovation

ChainGPT’s grant program aims to foster collaboration and innovation within the Web3 ecosystem by recognizing the immense potential of combining AI and blockchain technologies. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin recently underscored the significance of exploring constructive use cases for AI in blockchain, highlighting the need for scalable solutions. ChainGPT’s initiative aligns with this vision, striving to overcome barriers and drive the adoption of AI-powered solutions in blockchain applications.

The grant program features three tiers of funding, each designed to address specific needs and stages of development within the startup ecosystem. These tiers include scaling-focused growth grants, builder grants for early-stage innovation, and research grants for newly launched projects. By offering tailored financial support, ChainGPT aims to empower startups with the resources needed to accelerate their growth and drive impactful innovation.

Access to the ChainGPT ecosystem

Central to the grant program is its access to ChainGPT’s robust ecosystem, encompassing many AI-powered tools and services tailored for blockchain applications. Startups selected for the program will gain access to ChainGPT’s APIs and SDKs, equipping them with the necessary toolkit to develop AI-powered solutions for blockchain. Whether leveraging plug-and-play APIs or customizing solutions through the SDK, participants will benefit from ChainGPT’s technical infrastructure and expertise.

Several early-stage projects have been awarded grants through ChainGPT’s program, showcasing the diverse range of innovations emerging within the Web3 space. These projects include Kryptomon, a popular Web3 game enabling users to collect and trade unique creatures, and GT Protocol, an AI execution protocol connecting users with decentralized finance (DeFi), centralized finance (CeFi), and non-fungible token (NFT) markets through a conversational AI interface. Other notable recipients include Cookie3, a marketing analytics platform, and AITECH, the world’s first deflationary AI token.

Ilan Rakhmanov, CEO and Founder of ChainGPT expressed the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering innovation within the AI-blockchain space. Beyond providing financial backing, ChainGPT aims to offer promotional support, technical guidance, and partnership opportunities to grant recipients. By nurturing talent and facilitating collaboration, the initiative seeks to pave the way for a more robust Web3 ecosystem, where AI and blockchain technologies converge to unlock new possibilities.

ChainGPT stands at the forefront of technological innovation, offering a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools and services for the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 sectors. From smart contract generation and auditing to advanced AI trading and NFT generation, ChainGPT provides end-to-end solutions integrating large language models (LLM) with blockchain technology. Recognized for its strategic mentorship and commitment to advancing AI within the blockchain space, ChainGPT has established partnerships with industry leaders such as Google, Nvidia, BNBChain, and Chainlink.

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