Tracking U.S. core inflation: How are we doing over there?

Tracking U.S. core inflation: How are we doing over there?


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  • U.S. inflation is expected to have slightly cooled in February, potentially good news for the Federal Reserve.
  • Core inflation, excluding food and energy prices, is anticipated to drop to 3.7% from 3.9%.
  • Despite high interest rates to combat inflation, the housing cost category remains high, affecting core inflation.

All eyes are on the U.S. economy, particularly on the twists and turns of inflation. It’s the big, bad wolf of the economic world, lurking around, ready to blow down houses (or at least the value of your dollar). As we’re gearing up for the latest reveal from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, whispers in the wind suggest that we might just see a slight chill in the inflation numbers for February. But let’s not start throwing a party just yet. There’s more to this story than meets the eye.

After a January that had us all on our toes, with core inflation playing hard to get by not budging an inch, there’s a hint of a break. Predictions are flying around that we might see core inflation, which gives us the real-deal look at inflation minus the mood swings of food and energy prices, dial it back to 3.7% from the previous 3.9%. Now, that’s not a massive drop, but in the world of economics, it’s enough to make you look twice.

This whole scenario is like a soap opera, with the Federal Reserve playing the lead role, contemplating its next move. With interest rates having been jacked up to keep inflation in check, everyone’s curious if this is the season finale where they start slashing rates. Ah, but as always, there’s a twist – a surprise surge in inflation could have them scrambling, potentially trimming down the expected rate cuts.

Switching gears, let’s talk about the big guy in the Oval Office, President Joe Biden. Just a few days ago, he stood before Congress, puffing his chest out about the U.S. economy’s muscle-flexing post-pandemic. “We’re the envy of the world,” my mans boasted, tossing out job creation numbers like confetti. But here’s the kicker – despite these impressive feats, the crowd’s not entirely sold.

It seems the American people have their doubts, and the polls are singing a tune Biden might not want on his playlist. With an election looming, it’s crunch time, and the economy’s scorecard is in the spotlight. Despite having statistics that should make anyone’s eyes pop, Biden’s not exactly winning the popularity contest, especially when the ghost of economic past, Donald Trump, is still looming large in the voters’ minds.

Trump’s economy, with its own set of fireworks, is remembered fondly by many, casting a shadow over Biden’s current economic narrative. It’s a classic case of “what have you done for me lately?” with Biden on the ropes trying to convince everyone that, yes, the economy is indeed on a golden streak under his watch.

But let’s not forget Biden’s rallying cry for an economy that lifts everyone, not just the folks in the penthouses. With his eyes on the prize (a second term, that is), he’s pushing for what he believes is a fairer economic playing field, hoping to shift the tide of public opinion. But it doesn’t look like this little economic cheerleading is resonating with voters.

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