Fairblock raises $2.5 million to revolutionize blockchain privacy with conditional encryption

Fairblock raises $2.5 million to revolutionize blockchain privacy with conditional encryptionFairblock raises $2.5 million to revolutionize blockchain privacy with conditional encryption

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  • Fairblock raises $2.5 million to develop conditional encryption, enabling fully private blockchain transactions.
  • Their technology aims to level the playing field, reduce risks, and enhance security for all crypto users, with plans for broader blockchain ecosystem integration.

In a significant stride towards enhancing blockchain privacy and security, Fairblock has successfully raised an impressive $2.5 million in pre-seed funding. This substantial investment, led by Galileo and supported by a consortium of renowned investors including Lemniscap, Dialectic, Robot Ventures, GSR, Chorus One, Dorahacks, and Reverie, aims to propel Fairblock’s pioneering initiative. 

Revolutionizing blockchain privacy

In a significant development for the blockchain industry, Fairblock has successfully secured $2.5 million in pre-seed funding from a consortium of prominent investors. The company aims to introduce conditional encryption to blockchain technology, promising a groundbreaking approach to transaction privacy and security. 

Unlike traditional zero-knowledge (ZK) technology, Fairblock’s innovative solution allows users to execute transactions on the blockchain without revealing any on-chain information until specific conditions are met. 

This pioneering initiative leverages advanced cryptographic techniques, including identity-based encryption and witness encryption, with plans to explore fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) to enable computations on fully encrypted data.

Enabling enhanced privacy for crypto users

Fairblock’s co-founder, Peyman Momeni, emphasized the company’s mission to empower crypto users by reducing risks associated with front-running and transaction data leaks. These issues have historically favored individuals with advanced financial knowledge or development experience. 

Fairblock seeks to level the playing field by offering a robust infrastructure that provides users with the option to protect the contents of their transactions. The core idea behind Fairblock’s technology is to facilitate the decryption of transactions only under specific conditions, such as meeting a deadline or achieving certain price points.

Momeni envisions a practical implementation of Fairblock through a software development kit (SDK) integrated into the front end of blockchain applications that choose to adopt this technology. For instance, in a governance proposal, users can submit their votes as usual but with an extended toggle function that allows them to encrypt their votes. 

Encrypted transactions follow the normal blockchain process, entering the mempool, while non-encrypted votes are included as plaintext. These transactions are aggregated until predetermined conditions are met, and a single decryption key is generated using identity-based encryption. In this scenario, Fairblock acts as a service provider, enabling the secure generation of decryption keys under specific conditions.

Expanding Beyond the Cosmos Ecosystem

Fairblock’s technological innovation is not confined to the Cosmos ecosystem alone. Momeni clarified that Fairblock’s role extends beyond Cosmos, comparing it to entities like Axelar or oracles that provide decryption keys to consumer chains. This broader scope allows Fairblock to include transactions from various chains, such as rollups or smart contracts, and send them to platforms like Ethereum, enhancing interoperability and expanding the potential applications of its privacy-focused technology.

Fairblock has already achieved significant milestones, including the launch of a second private testnet and imminent plans for a public testnet. These developments mark a crucial step towards realizing the company’s vision of bringing fully private blockchain transactions to the forefront of the crypto industry

With support from prominent investors like Galileo, Lemniscap, Dialectic, Robot Ventures, GSR, Chorus One, Dorahacks, and Reverie, Fairblock is well-positioned to reshape the landscape of blockchain privacy, creating a more equitable environment for all crypto users. 

As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, Fairblock’s innovative approach to conditional encryption holds the potential to drive adoption and foster trust among users seeking enhanced privacy and security in their transactions.


Fairblock’s recent funding success of $2.5 million marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of blockchain technology. Their innovative approach to conditional encryption has the potential to redefine privacy and security within the blockchain sphere. By allowing users to execute transactions without revealing on-chain information until specific conditions are met, Fairblock aims to level the playing field for all crypto users, mitigating risks associated with front-running and data leaks.

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