Hong Kong stock exchange launches Synapse: A game-changer in settlement technology

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  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) has unveiled Synapse, a revolutionary settlement platform that leverages smart contracts and blockchain to enhance efficiency and transparency in financial transactions.
  • Synapse benefits market participants, particularly those in the Northbound Stock Connect, and underscores HKEX’s commitment to digital transformation in the financial industry.

In a significant stride towards modernizing the world of financial markets, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) has introduced Synapse, a groundbreaking settlement platform. Synapse, which leverages smart contracts and blockchain technology, aims to revolutionize transaction handling, offering a faster, more transparent, and efficient experience for all market participants. This move signifies a bold step towards embracing digital transformation and is poised to have a far-reaching impact on the exchange’s operations.

Smart contracts and DAML integration

HKEX’s Synapse distinguishes itself by integrating smart contracts, facilitated by the use of Digital Asset Modelling Language (DAML). DAML, a specialized programming language introduced by Digital Asset in 2016, is tailored to standardize and streamline post-trade procedures. The adoption of DAML for smart contracts represents a pivotal moment in the exchange’s history. This innovative approach is set to empower clearing agencies like HKEX to revamp their settlement processes comprehensively.

Smart contracts executed through DAML bring automation to critical aspects of the exchange’s operations, reducing risks, and increasing efficiency and transparency. This transformation extends benefits to asset managers, brokers, custodians, and clearing participants. 

One of the core advantages of Synapse is its ability to facilitate real-time data synchronization, enabling the efficient handling of higher trade volumes. As per HKEX’s statement, this technology-driven platform has the potential to not only enhance post-trade efficiencies but also foster a more robust ecosystem that supports both market and investor growth strategies.

A Boost to Northbound Stock Connect

The deployment of Synapse is strategically designed to bolster the Northbound Stock Connect initiative. This program involves trades settled in Renminbi (RMB) by both local and overseas investors. With Synapse, institutional investors participating in Northbound Stock Connect can seamlessly manage post-trade operations across varying time zones. This innovation simplifies the complexities of cross-border trading and fortifies Hong Kong’s position as a global financial hub.

Blockchain’s role in Synapse

While the exact workings of blockchain in Synapse are not detailed in the announcement, it’s evident that blockchain technology plays a pivotal role in this cutting-edge settlement platform. The release does not elaborate on the operator of the blockchain nodes or their quantity, leaving room for further inquiry. Nevertheless, blockchain’s integration into Synapse is an unmistakable testament to its potential to revolutionize financial markets.

It’s worth noting that similar endeavors in the financial industry have often utilized permissioned ledgers based on proof-of-authority consensus, ensuring security and control in a highly regulated environment. The use of blockchain in Synapse is poised to enhance not only transaction efficiency but also security and trust in the settlement process.

Challenges and other exchanges’ initiatives

While HKEX is forging ahead with Synapse, it’s essential to acknowledge the challenges that come with such ambitious technological advancements. The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) experienced setbacks when it halted its blockchain system development after three years of effort. The ASX aimed to modernize its settlement layer but encountered obstacles along the way.

On the other hand, the London Stock Exchange Group has taken strides in embracing blockchain for trading conventional financial assets. This move positions it as a front-runner among prominent exchanges in the adoption of blockchain technology. It highlights the growing recognition within the industry of blockchain’s transformative potential.


The introduction of Synapse by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange marks a monumental step towards reshaping the landscape of financial markets. With its integration of smart contracts and blockchain technology, Synapse promises to streamline transactions, enhance efficiency, and increase transparency for all market participants. While challenges exist, this endeavor underscores the industry’s determination to embrace digital transformation and the remarkable potential of blockchain technology. 

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