Ex-NFL owner faces 75-month prison sentence over crypto

Ex-NFL owner faces 75-month prison sentence over crypto

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  • Ex-NFL owner Reginald Fowler sentenced to 75 months in prison.
  • Fowler processed over $700M in unregulated crypto transactions.
  • Committed fraud while acquiring a stake in the Alliance of American Football.

The past few days have been somber in the world of the NFL, not for losses on the gridiron, but in the courtroom. In a recent turn of events that has left the sports community in shock, former NFL owner, Reginald Fowler, was met with a hefty 75-month prison sentence.

The charges? Orchestrating unregulated transactions, in breach of federal anti-money laundering laws, and defrauding a professional football league while acquiring an ownership stake, resulting in losses amounting to over $700 million.

From the Glare of the Stadium to the Gloom of the Courtroom

Reginald Fowler, whose past with the NFL once placed him in the public eye, now finds himself at the center of a major financial scandal. The Southern District of New York, under the vigilant eye of U.S. Attorney Damian Williams, issued the sentence.

Fowler’s alleged crimes involve not only a stark violation of federal law but also a bold duping of U.S. banks and a professional football league, the Alliance of American Football (AAF).

“Fowler’s actions posed a serious risk to the U.S. financial system. By processing hundreds of millions of dollars of unregulated transactions on behalf of cryptocurrency exchanges, he chose to walk the path of a shadow bank,” states U.S. Attorney Damian Williams.

The illicit schemes didn’t end there. Fowler even hoodwinked a professional football league, causing significant financial harm, proving that in the game of wealth and power, boundaries are often blurred.

The Illusion of Wealth: Fowler’s Cryptocurrency Fraud

In the icy month of February 2018, Fowler unveiled his venture, Global Trading Solutions LLC (GTS), along with its ambiguous operations with Crypto Capital and other related companies.

Run by Israeli nationals, these companies promised a smooth exchange from standard to digital currency. However, the path to such seamless transactions was anything but straightforward.

Under the pretext of providing a solution for cryptocurrency exchanges, Fowler and his affiliates tricked banks into opening accounts for transactions they were unaware of.

Fowler established numerous such accounts both in the U.S and overseas, cleverly concealing GTS’s involvement with cryptocurrency operations.

In a span of less than a year, Fowler processed around $750 million in various currencies via these unauthorized accounts. Shockingly, neither Fowler nor any of his businesses held a license for money transmitting business, violating federal law.

Unmasking the Lie: Deception and the AAF

Fowler’s deceptive tactics extended into his dealings with the AAF in 2018, as he misled them about the source of his wealth during the acquisition of his substantial ownership stake.

He misrepresented funds belonging to clients of his illicit money transmission service as his personal assets. Additionally, Fowler kept his ties to the Crypto Companies hidden from AAF executives.

A significant event prior to his investment was the closure of GTS accounts and government seizure of funds. However, Fowler did not disclose this information to the AAF. It wasn’t until the AAF declared bankruptcy in April 2019, that the extent of Fowler’s deception came to light.

Reginald Fowler, besides the 75-month prison sentence, has also been ordered to forfeit over $740 million and pay a restitution of more than $53 million to the AAF.

The events leading to this verdict are a stark reminder that the allure of cryptocurrency and its potential for abuse can reach into any industry, even the NFL.

It is a wake-up call for vigilant oversight and stricter regulations in our financial systems. As for Fowler, his journey from an NFL owner to a convicted felon serves as a cautionary tale in the world of sports and finance.

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