Euronet-backed Ria Money transfer gets on Ripple network

ria money transfer joins ripple network

Ria Money Transfer is a secondary unit of Euronet Worldwide and it is now partnering up with Ripple to speed up international transactions.

Ripple also announced on Wednesday that RippleNet will be collaborating with Ria Money Transfer to carry out international transactions with more efficiency.

End-to-end tracking along with the accurately estimated time of when the transaction will be completed will be provided to the customer for better and improved customer experience.

Euronet’s CEO gave a statement on the collaboration saying that this collaboration will build a new transactional foundation that will help and provide to all the parties involved while at the same time providing quicker payments to the users

Ria Money Transfer is a leading money transfer networks globally with over forty billion dollars ($40 billion) every year in over a hundred and fifty-five (155) countries.

The senior vice president of customer success at Ripple gave a statement regarding the collaboration saying that this collaboration is beneficial to Ria Money Transfer as it allows various perks to the customers.

Ria Money Transfer is now one of the many commercial institutions globally who has joined Ripple for its blockchain-based payments services. Ria Money Transfer joins the growing number of commercial institutions worldwide to have partnered with Ripple for its payments services that are backed up by the blockchain technology.

Some notable mentions include the NBK, CIMB, Coin one, PNC, the UAE Exchange and many more.

RippleNet is growing its partnerships and range of influence day by day. In 2019 alone it partnered up with thirteen more companies and has partnered up with a total of over two hundred (200) companies.

Aroosa Nadeem

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