Solana gets ready for v1.17.32-33 upgrade – Everything to know


  • Solana is set to update its network to version 1.17.32-33 this week, aiming to fix bugs and enhance performance.
  • The upgrade includes a special teaser created by the developers.
  • There is a major industry split on blockchain scaling: modular versus monolithic.

The Solana network is on the brink of an exciting upgrade, rolling out version 1.17.32-33 this week. This major update aims to squash bugs that popped up during system overloads and to boost the overall performance of the blockchain. The folks behind these changes have even whipped up a special teaser to mark the occasion, signaling big improvements on the horizon for Solana users.

Scaling Up: Solana’s Approach

Blockchain technology faces a critical challenge. Scaling. How to scale varies widely across the industry, leading to a split between modular and monolithic methods. Modular scaling, favored by some like the Ethereum community, involves shuffling smaller transactions off to secondary layers, which eventually settle back to the primary blockchain. This method, while innovative, often results in a disjointed user experience due to network fragmentation.

On the other side, Solana champions a monolithic approach to scaling. This strategy keeps every transaction on the main chain and enhances system capacity through a combination of hardware upgrades, software tweaks, and consensus enhancements. The primary advantage here is a smoother user experience. However, this method faces criticism for potentially undermining blockchain’s core attributes, such as decentralization and strength.

The Debate Over Blockchain Efficiency

The essence of a decentralized network like Solana isn’t only about processing transactions—it’s about providing secure blockspace, a valuable and scarce resource crucial for a decentralized economy. Just as with any scarce resource, its availability is governed by market prices, which balance demand. High demand leads to higher prices, which naturally reduces wasteful usage but can also sideline smaller players.

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The current state of Solana reflects this tension. Recently, the network has seen a spike in demand, partly fueled by the craze for memecoins. This surge has stretched the network’s capacity, causing high rates of transaction failures. Users have responded by repeatedly submitting their transactions, inadvertently creating a de facto queue, despite the absence of a formal mempool in Solana’s architecture.

Moreover, the last few months have seen a notable increase in MEV (Miner Extractable Value) activity on Solana, surpassing even Ethereum. MEV bots, which look for profitable transaction ordering opportunities, contribute to this by engaging in practices like arbitrage and frontrunning—buying low on one exchange and selling high on another, or jumping the queue in transaction processing, respectively.

Although high MEV activity signifies a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem, it also poses challenges. Such intense activity can degrade the user experience, potentially dampening enthusiasm and engagement within the community. Addressing these issues will require concerted efforts to temper the negative impacts of MEV on everyday users.

Another dimension to Solana’s ecosystem is its NFT market, which has recently shown signs of cooling. Both trading volumes and the overall floor value of Solana’s NFTs have seen massice drops.

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