Ethereum 2.0: Stateless model can increase efficiency


Ethereum 2.0, as a stateless protocol, would increase its security, according to Quilt’s Will Villanueva.

Ethereum 2.0: So close yet so far away

Ethereum 2.0 feels so close yet so away as it seems to near completion, but at the same time, Vitalik Buterinkeeps introducing several proposals. The latest proposal wast to design Ethereum 2.0 as a stateless protocol.

A stateless protocol does not maintains a storage/state in a node.

Stateless protocol

A representative from Quilt, a team, focusing on designing Ethereum 2.0, Will Villanueva appeared in a podcast to discuss the stateless protocol proposal. He revealed that the team working on Ethereum stateless protocols consisted of members from the ETH1 client teams. He ensured that the transition from Ethereum 1.0 to 2.0 would be smooth and also talked about the stateless protocol’s mechanisms.

He stated that this would make the process much faster. He stated that one user would not need to move between the database to “desk.” He stated that it caused issues and “makes a person blur.” In a stateless system, one person would no longer need to download the database to sync with the team. 

However, he admitted that the proposal has its drawbacks, as well. He stated that it depends on the people holding the states and how are they “incentivized” to hold that state. He stated that the subject is still under research. He also stated that since validators would no longer have states, a trader would have to submit his own database.

Since users cannot be asked to maintain their states, they would need a party they could interface with. They will need to incentive them, and that is what the company wants “to spec” out.

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