Expert Explains the state of Ethereum 2.0

The cryptocurrency space is going through a tough time. In the midst of the bullish and bearish trends Ethereum developer Holger Drewes, working on EthereumJS project in a recent interview discussed the ongoing project the next generation of Ethereum or Ethereum 2.0. To begin with, he told that the aims were to create tools that would help the developer interact with Ethereum more efficiently and to make their own apps.

He also stated that the project extended due to contributions of the Ethereum community as they laid the basis in the Javascript, which enabled the group to programme a Java version of EVM (a platform on which contracts are executed then copied on Ethereum nodes) for the efficient and secure verification of huge amounts of transactional data.

Developers focused on Virtual Machine implementation to enable tools like remix IDE (a platform for tools to interact with Ethereum block-chain and to debug transactions) and Truffle (a suite that serves as a testing platform and asset channeling) to efficiently work with the Core of Ethereum.

Holger stated that the concept of Casper and Sharding has changed since June 2018, so the labs continue to work on developing an entirely new road-mapping service known as Sharding 2.1. The co-founder of Ethereum announced his vision of Ethereum 2.0 that will bring revolutionary change and efficiency into the system while dealing with the Scalability issues and managing bugs.

The newer Roadmap would allow for better scalability while the labs will make sure that there are no drawbacks to the Ethereum 2.0 and that the transition to the next generation goes smoothly.