Driving the decentralized revolution; Devcon 5

Looking back cyber historians may go that the decentralized revolution was crafted at the Devcon events. Elsewhere had set up a one of a kind experience for Devcon attendees to witness. It included an artful experience that unveiled the ideas with which people mythologize money.

Greg Crawford, who is the head of dream logistics at Elsewhere, claimed that the experience allows people to find out about their opinions regarding money.

The Devcon Park featured dinosaur and unicorn figures that were scattered around the area. Various stalls offered food and t-shirts.

Driving the decentralized revolution

Ethereum’s community is comprised of people who wish to develop a perfect financial system. Devcon 5 focused on Ethereum developers, and its display has implied that the Ethereum community is making constant progress towards the creation of a better financial system for the world.

Devcon 5 was headed by Roger Ver, the founder of Bitcoin.com. He was present at Devcon as a promoter of solidity between blockchain platforms and projects. He believes that users should utilize any blockchain platforms.

Roger Ver thinks that developers should do whatever it takes to empower people and to make platforms better for its users, even if it involves breaking the rules. He termed Devcon as a protest event.

The soon-to-be-launch decentralized Virtual Private Network (VPN), developed by Orchid Labs, is based on blockchain technology. The VPN will allow users to access content using a better privacy layer.

This is the beginning of paid-for Internet services which will allow users to perform small scale payments to other users, instead of an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Ernst & Young, which is a multinational professional services firm based in London, introduced privacy tools. The firm allows businesses to utilize their tools while staying in the boundaries set by the law. The firm is currently allowing people to use its open-source tools.

Paul Brody, who is responsible for driving the firm’s initiatives in blockchain technology, has claimed that various developers are appreciating the firm, for developing its tool Nightfall.