CyberConnect: Revolutionizing Web3 Social Networking with a Specialized Layer 2 Solution


  • Cyber introduces a specialized Layer 2 solution aimed at revolutionizing decentralized social networking by addressing key challenges like poor user experiences, high gas fees, and low transaction throughput.
  • By leveraging advanced technologies and innovative economic models, Cyber aims to enhance scalability, simplify user onboarding, and provide sustainable incentives for users and developers. With features like account abstraction, passkey or FaceID account control, and a suite of tools for app development.

In an ambitious move to redefine the landscape of decentralized social networking, CyberConnect has emerged as the first modular Layer 2 (L2) solution designed specifically for social applications and mass adoption. This innovative platform, powered by EigenLayer and Optimism and developed in partnership with AltLayer, aims to address the critical challenges that have hindered the growth of blockchain-based social networks. 

By focusing on user ownership and the redistribution of value away from Big Tech, CyberConnect positions itself as the de facto choice for Web3 social users and developers.

CyberConnect addressing the challenges of Decentralized Social Networking

The journey towards a decentralized social web has been fraught with obstacles. Developers face significant hurdles, including poor user experiences, prohibitive gas fees, and low transaction throughput, which have stymied real adoption. These challenges are compounded by blockchain economies that are often incompatible with social use cases, leading to inefficiencies and high operational costs. The experience of growing ecosystem apps like Link3to and MocaverseNFT to over 2 million users, who completed more than 20 million transactions and spent over $2.6 million in gas fees, underscores the urgent need for a more viable solution. Without a significant shift, the potential for Web3 social to reach billions of users remains a distant dream.

The company aims to break this cycle by introducing a Layer 2 solution that is tailor-made for social applications and optimized for mass adoption. Leveraging the power of EigenLayer, CyberConnect is capable of executing over 100,000 transactions per second at sub-cent gas fees. This scalability is further enhanced by a dual-staking mechanism involving ETH and CYBER tokens, ensuring network security and incentivizing participation. By committing to the Optimism Superchain, CyberConnect not only provides the necessary infrastructure for social applications but also ensures that users and developers have access to the broader onchain economy, fostering a more open and interconnected ecosystem.

Innovations for mass adoption

One of the key innovations of CyberConnect is its approach to onboarding users onto Web3. Through native support for account abstraction with EIP-7560, the company significantly simplifies the onboarding process, making it as seamless as Web2 experiences. Additionally, the platform’s support for EIP-7212 enables users to control their accounts using passkeys or FaceID, enhancing security and user convenience. These features are crucial for attracting a billion users to the Web3 ecosystem, a goal that has remained elusive for decentralized social networks.

CyberConnect also introduces a new economic model that benefits both developers and their users. Participants can earn native yield on bridged assets like ETH, LST, and LRT, enjoy passive income through shared protocol fees, and receive ecosystem rewards. This multifaceted approach to incentivization is designed to create a sustainable and thriving economy within the CyberConnect ecosystem.

Building a foundation for social apps

At the heart of CyberConnect’s offering is a suite of tools and services designed to make building and growing social apps significantly easier. The platform features an enshrined social graph, allowing new apps to bootstrap their user base and leverage shared network effects. Additionally, CyberDB, a cost-friendly and performant decentralized storage service powered by EigenLayer AVS, provides developers with the infrastructure needed to store and manage data efficiently.

As CyberConnect prepares to launch its Sepolia Testnet, securely deployed by AltLayer, the platform invites developers and innovators to explore its philosophy and design. This launch represents a critical step towards realizing Cyber’s vision of a decentralized social web that is accessible, scalable, and economically viable.


CyberConnect’s introduction of a specialized Layer 2 solution for social networking heralds a new era in the development of decentralized social platforms. By addressing the key challenges that have plagued blockchain-based social networks, Cyber not only paves the way for mass adoption but also reimagines the economic models underpinning these platforms. As the Web3 ecosystem continues to evolve, Cyber’s innovative approach to scalability, user onboarding, and economic incentives positions it as a pivotal player in the future of decentralized social networking.

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