Aevo Pioneers Pre-Market Trading for Its Token Ahead of Airdrop


  • Aevo, a derivatives exchange, has launched pre-market trading for its token before an airdrop, aiming to engage the community and allow speculation on the token’s future price. The move has generated buzz but also faced criticism regarding the fairness and potential impact on market dynamics.
  • The platform plans to expand its Layer 2 network and introduce yield strategies, building on its origins from Ribbon Finance to enhance the DeFi ecosystem. Despite debates over airdrop allocation and the strategic focus, Aevo’s initiatives represent a significant evolution in its offerings and a potential influence on the broader decentralized finance landscape.




In an innovative move within the cryptocurrency space, Aevo, a derivatives exchange known for its focus on options and perpetual futures trading, has announced the offering of pre-market trading for its token before its scheduled airdrop on March 13. 

Operating on a Layer 2 network on Ethereum, Aevo has gained traction for enabling pre-market trading of tokens, a strategy that has effectively raised awareness of its platform. The latest initiative, however, marks a potentially unprecedented step in the crypto industry, allowing traders to speculate on the future price of the Aevo token before it officially goes live.

The strategy behind Pre-Market Trading

Aevo’s decision to offer pre-market trading for its token is seen as a bold move, aiming to engage its community and traders by allowing them to take positions on the token’s future price. The approach not only generates buzz around the upcoming airdrop but also provides a unique opportunity for airdrop recipients to lock in prices, potentially maximizing their gains or safeguarding against volatility.

Despite the innovative nature of the offering, it has been met with mixed reactions from the crypto community. Critics, including Parsec Finance founder Will Sheehan, have raised concerns about the appropriateness of an exchange listing its own token for pre-market trading, with some dismissing the idea as “unhinged.” Nonetheless, the company has taken steps to ensure fairness and transparency in the process, including barring employees from trading the token pre-launch and maintaining confidentiality regarding the listing price.

Airdrop allocation and community response

The upcoming airdrop of Aevo tokens has sparked debate over the size of the community allocation. With less than 5% of the total supply being distributed to the community, some have criticized the allocation as being too restrictive, especially when compared to earlier crypto airdrops. the company’s community manager has defended the decision, arguing that the value of the airdrop will ultimately depend on the token’s market performance, emphasizing a collective effort to support a strong token price.

Additionally, the choice to allocate more tokens to Binance than to the community has been justified as a strategic move to enhance the token’s visibility and price stability, despite some community pushback.

Plans and ecosystem development

Looking beyond the airdrop, Aevo has ambitious plans to expand its Layer 2 network, leveraging the Conduit rollup platform and Celestia for data availability to maintain low transaction fees. The platform aims to become a foundational ecosystem for other protocols and developers, fostering innovation and growth within the DeFi space.

Moreover, Aevo is set to introduce yield strategies in the first quarter of the year, offering users various setups designed to generate returns on their crypto holdings. The expansion into yield offerings represents a significant step in Aevo’s evolution from its origins as part of Ribbon Finance. The DeFi project made its mark in the decentralized options market. Aevo’s development as an extension of Ribbon Finance highlights its commitment to scaling decentralized options and perpetuals through its Layer 2 app-chain.

Ribbon finance’s legacy and Aevo’s future

The transition from Ribbon Finance to Aevo signifies a strategic shift towards leveraging advanced blockchain technology to enhance the DeFi ecosystem. With the upcoming 1:1 conversion of Ribbon tokens for Aevo tokens, the platform is set to offer its users a seamless transition to its new and expanded offerings.

As Aevo embarks on the new chapter, the crypto community watches closely to see how its innovative approaches to pre-market trading, token airdrops, and ecosystem development will influence the broader landscape of decentralized finance and blockchain technology.


Aevo’s introduction of pre-market trading for its token ahead of its airdrop represents a pioneering move in the cryptocurrency space, blending innovation with strategic engagement of its community. Despite facing mixed reactions, Aevo’s approach aims to maximize participant gains and address volatility concerns. The debate over the airdrop’s community allocation highlights the challenges of balancing token distribution with efforts to enhance token value and visibility. Aevo’s future plans to expand its Layer 2 network and introduce yield strategies signal a significant evolution in its offerings, promising to influence the decentralized finance landscape. As Aevo continues to develop, its impact on the DeFi ecosystem and blockchain technology remains a focal point of interest within the crypto community.

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