Conflux Network Introduction of AxHKD, a Groundbreaking Hong Kong Dollar-Backed Stablecoin


  • Aevo, a derivatives exchange, has launched pre-market trading for its token before an airdrop, aiming to engage the community and allow speculation on the token’s future price. This move has generated buzz but also faced criticism regarding the fairness and potential impact on market dynamics.
  • The platform plans to expand its Layer 2 network and introduce yield strategies, building on its origins from Ribbon Finance to enhance the DeFi ecosystem. Despite debates over airdrop allocation and the strategic focus, Aevo’s initiatives represent a significant evolution in its offerings and a potential influence on the broader decentralized finance landscape.




In a significant move that marks a new era in the fusion of traditional finance with blockchain technology, Conflux Network has taken a pivotal role in the beta-testing phase of AxHKD, a stablecoin pegged to the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). 

The development is not just a testament to the innovative strides being made in the digital currency space but also highlights the growing acceptance and regulatory compliance of blockchain technologies in Asia, particularly within China’s stringent regulatory framework.

Conflux Network bridging traditional and digital finance with AxHKD

Developed by the local fintech powerhouse, AnchorX, AxHKD is set to revolutionize the way digital currencies operate within and beyond the Asian financial markets. By choosing to launch on the Conflux Network initially, with plans to expand to Ethereum, AnchorX is leveraging Conflux’s superior scalability, security, low latency, and cost-effectiveness to ensure a seamless and efficient digital currency experience. The strategic move underscores Conflux Network’s position as the only regulatory-compliant public blockchain in China, offering a robust platform for the deployment of innovative financial solutions.

AxHKD is designed to maintain a 1:1 peg with the HKD, backed by high-quality liquid asset reserves. These reserves are safeguarded through a segregated trust arrangement and are held by regulated financial institutions in Hong Kong, with OKLink Trust providing custodian services. The meticulous approach to asset backing and security is indicative of the project’s commitment to reliability and trustworthiness in the digital currency space.

Conflux’s introduction of AxHKD is poised to serve two primary functions. Firstly, it aims to catalyze global payments, enhancing cross-border transactions between Hong Kong/mainland China and the international market. The is particularly beneficial for countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, where banking infrastructure may not be as developed. Secondly, AxHKD is set to become a reliable fiat-on-chain instrument for virtual asset trading, fostering innovation in Real-World Assets (RWA) and bridging the gap between traditional and digital assets in Hong Kong.

Regulatory compliance and industry backing: A foundation for success

The launch of AxHKD comes at a time when Hong Kong authorities are taking proactive steps towards establishing a regulatory framework for stablecoin issuers. The recent release of a Consultation Paper by the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), signifies a move towards more regulated and secure digital currency operations. AnchorX’s commitment to aligning AxHKD with the proposed stablecoin standards and its intention to participate in the upcoming regulatory sandbox highlights the company’s dedication to compliance and regulatory innovation.

The project has garnered support from industry leaders in both traditional finance and blockchain technology, including Hony Capital, a leading investment management firm in China. The backing not only provides a solid financial foundation for the project but also reflects the confidence in AxHKD’s potential to redefine digital currency transactions.

A milestone for financial inclusion and innovation

The collaboration between Conflux Network and AnchorX in launching AxHKD is a significant milestone in the integration of traditional finance with the Web3 ecosystem. Fan Long, Founder of Conflux, expressed excitement over the partnership, emphasizing the role of AxHKD in enhancing the practicality of digital currencies for everyday transactions. The launch of AxHKD is expected to weave the Hong Kong Dollar into the fabric of the Web3 ecosystem, driving innovation, financial inclusion, and the broader acceptance of digital currencies in global financial transactions.

Byron Wong, Chief Compliance Officer at AnchorX, remarked on the proactive approach Hong Kong has taken towards stablecoin regulation, underscoring the company’s commitment to meeting these regulatory standards. The commitment is crucial for the success of AxHKD and the future of stablecoins in a rapidly evolving digital currency landscape.


the introduction of AxHKD by Conflux Network and AnchorX marks a significant advancement in the digital currency space, blending the stability of traditional finance with the innovation and efficiency of blockchain technology. As AxHKD prepares for its launch, it stands as a beacon of innovation, regulatory compliance, and financial inclusion, poised to redefine the role of digital currencies in global finance.

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