ChatGPT Named Wikipedia’s Most Popular Article of 2023

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  • ChatGPT tops Wikipedia’s 2023 popularity list, amassing 49.5 million pageviews showcasing AI’s impact.
  • Diverse topics in the top 10, from ‘Deaths in 2023’ to ‘Oppenheimer (film),’ reflect global interests.
  • Wikipedia remains a go-to source for information on global figures, events, and pop culture in 2023.

The Wikimedia Foundation has released its annual list of the most popular Wikipedia articles of 2023, revealing some intriguing trends and topics that captured the world’s attention. With English Wikipedia receiving a staggering 84 billion views throughout the year, the top article of 2023 is “ChatGPT,” which amassed a remarkable total of 49,490,406 pageviews.

ChatGPT: The unprecedented champion

Taking the lead with a significant margin, the “ChatGPT” article left a remarkable impact on the Wikipedia landscape. This AI-powered language model has been a game-changer in natural language processing, sparking immense curiosity and interest among readers. Throughout the first half of 2023, the article consistently received 100,000 to 400,000 pageviews daily, showcasing the sustained fascination with ChatGPT’s capabilities. Notably, ChatGPT’s popularity extended beyond the English Wikipedia, with a combined total of 78 million pageviews across all language versions of Wikipedia.

Diverse topics in the top 10

While ChatGPT claimed the top spot, other articles on diverse subjects garnered substantial attention. “Deaths in 2023” secured the second position with 42,666,860 pageviews, providing a sad reflection of the year’s notable losses. The “2023 Cricket World Cup” and “Indian Premier League” articles occupied the third and fourth spots, underlining the enduring global passion for cricket. Meanwhile, Christopher Nolan’s film “Oppenheimer” rounded out the top five, indicating the continued fascination with cinematic artistry.

The rest of the top 10

The top 10 list offered a glimpse into the varied interests of Wikipedia’s user base. The “Cricket World Cup” article secured the sixth position with 25,961,417 pageviews, while the biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer, often referred to as the father of the atomic bomb, occupied the seventh spot with 25,672,469 pageviews. Indian cinema made a significant mark with the “Jawan” film article at number eight, followed closely by the “2023 Indian Premier League” article at ninth place. Rounding off the top 10, the Indian film “Pathaan” took the last spot with 19,932,509 pageviews.

Beyond the top 10

Beyond the top 10 articles, a range of subjects captured the attention of Wikipedia readers in 2023. The “Last of Us” TV series, Taylor Swift, and the upcoming “Barbie” film earned notable spots on the list, reflecting the ongoing popularity of entertainment-related content. In the realm of sports, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi remained hot topics, securing places in the top 25. The Premier League also maintained its relevance, highlighting the enduring interest in English football.

Global figures and events

Articles related to global figures such as Elon Musk and renowned movies like “Avatar: The Way of Water” found their place in the top 25. Additionally, geopolitical events like the “Russian invasion of Ukraine” and intriguing personalities like Andrew Tate also made the list, showcasing Wikipedia’s role as a valuable resource for staying informed about the world’s happenings and personalities.

The Wikimedia Foundation’s release of the most popular Wikipedia articles of 2023 provides a fascinating insight into online readers’ diverse interests and curiosities. While ChatGPT emerged as the undisputed champion in pageviews, articles spanning topics from entertainment to sports, science, and global events underscores Wikipedia’s role as a comprehensive and informative platform. Looking back at 2023, it is clear that people worldwide turned to Wikipedia to explore, learn, and stay informed about a wide array of subjects that captured their imagination and interest throughout the year.

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