Secretary Kendall Flies in AI-Controlled X-62 VISTA Aircraft


  • The first flight of Secretary Kendall aboard X-62A VISTA symbolizes a traditional breakthrough period in aviation where computers can fly and fight in combat without the human pilot.
  • X-62A VISTA entails a new-age AI featured with automated fight maneuvers in combat simulators.
  • The triumph of tests above Edwards AFB is the epitome of what capabilities AI has to offer in seamless decision-making in air warfare.

Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall embarked on an amazing venture on May 2, 2024, as he winged his way into the skies of the X-62A VISTA. This resolutive aircraft, combining machine learning and special software at its core, is a great illustration of the state-of-the-art in the field of automated flight. The trip gave Secretary Kendall a real feel and also highlighted the immense promise this technology has in the future of combat air power.

The self-administered air battle becomes actual.

The combat aviation history is now being written with the X-62A VISTA’s flight. For ages, the idea of self-controlled air-to-air combat has been subjected to the imagination, yet remains unachievable in reality. Nevertheless, in 2023 the X-62A smashed this blockage paving the way for better times. Secretary Kendall heralded this accomplishment as a “revolutionary moment” brought about by the ACE leadership team’s devoted work.

During Secretary Kendall’s flight, X-62A performed a set of tactical maneuvers that showed its autonomous capabilities in a simulated battle scene. Most importantly, neither Secretary Kendall nor the safety pilot intervened. This proves that the system is autonomous. This step is an indicator of what AI can do in combat situations concerning decision-making which aims to boost efficiency and effectiveness.

AI incorporation into the bomber aviation.

X-62A VISTA’s evolution serves as a significant experiment to expand the constraints of technology in the Department of Defense. The ACE squad took about four years to extensively overhaul the aircraft. In the end, the upgrade was completed in 2022. The migration project involved the installation of three new cutting-edge software suites, each endowed with powerful AI computing capabilities for integral AI development.

Secretary Kendall drew attention to the reconnaissance aviation AI use, defining it as a synergic technology geared to do the fight decision-making for humans. The X-62A VISTA, using AI, automates complex issues into simple jobs and in turn, gives high speed and well-directed on-the-spot responses to unpredictable situations.

Flight testing and future prospects.

Image source theaviationist.com

The adventure of autonomous air combat was not without obstacles, however. The long-awaited aircraft X-62A completed a series of thorough flight tests and successfully underwent the last flight trials in December 2022. These fights, which were above Edwards Air Force Base in California, had AI agents as pilots and involved them fighting against either humans or AI-piloted enemies.

Those results were simply unbelievable. The AI agents executed autonomous tactical maneuvering at the exact speed to stay in visual range while still abiding by real-world airspace boundaries. Over 100,000 lines of flight-critical software modifications were conducted across 21 test flights. This fact only shows the team’s commitment and talent.

The X-62A VISTA is a new starting point in combat aviation. It is the automation that will be most likely to increase the efficiency of the processes, reduce the risks of human pilots and hence completely alter the way air warfare is done. The technological evolution not only opens up new space for the sky but also paves the way for innovations and progress.

Secretary Kendall’s trip on the X-62A VISTA is representative of the ushering of a new era in combat aviation. Propelled by AI, the horizon is boundless, foretelling a future where autonomous aircraft are at the center of the aerial revolution of the world.

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