Debunking the Myth of Grok’s Access to Draft Posts on Elon Musk’s X


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  • Grok, Elon Musk’s AI chatbot on X, cannot access draft posts of users, debunking the recent viral post’s claims and ensuring users’ data privacy.
  • The viral post, which purported to show Grok analyzing draft posts, was satirical, and Grok’s capabilities are limited to analyzing public posts on X.
  • The rollout of Grok access is in progress for X Premium+ subscribers, and users can trust that their draft posts and private data remain secure on the platform.

Data privacy and security concerns have become paramount in the era of rapidly advancing technology and the proliferation of AI-powered platforms. Recently, a viral post on Elon Musk’s platform, X, raised questions about the capabilities of his AI chatbot, Grok. The post suggested that Grok could access draft posts of other users, causing alarm among X users.

The viral post

At a time when Musk’s X was introducing Grok to the public, a post gained traction, igniting concerns about the privacy of users’ accounts. The viral post in question analyzed draft posts allegedly belonging to another user, @nic__carter. The post included a screenshot of Grok’s analysis, listing a series of purported drafts.

Fact-checking the claim

It is crucial to clarify that the viral post was satirical, and Grok cannot access the draft posts of any user, not even the account holder’s own drafts. Community Notes have independently fact-checked this assertion. Even if users request Grok to check a specific user’s draft posts, the AI chatbot will only provide results based on the public posts of the specified user.

Grok’s limited capabilities

Grok is designed to access and analyze only the public posts of users on X. It has been used in the past by some to mock Elon Musk himself. Therefore, the concern that Grok could invade one’s privacy by accessing draft posts on X is unfounded.

Grok access rollout

Grok access rollout is underway, primarily targeting X Premium+ subscribers. This rollout comes after a testing period with limited users throughout November. Eligible subscribers can now use Grok across various platforms, including the web, iOS, and Android apps. The rollout began with subscribers in the United States and is being phased in gradually.

The viral post suggesting Grok can access draft posts on Elon Musk’s X misrepresented its capabilities. Grok is limited to analyzing public posts and cannot breach the privacy of draft posts or user accounts. With the ongoing rollout of Grok access to X Premium+ subscribers, users can rest assured that their privacy remains intact and their draft posts are inaccessible to AI chatbots like Grok. As technology evolves, relying on accurate information and fact-checking is essential to dispel any unwarranted concerns about data privacy and security on digital platforms like X.

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