BlockchainArmy joins BSIC

BlockchainArmy, one of the leading capital advisory firms in the blockchain sphere, has recently announced its partnership with the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC).

This strategic collaboration is part of BlockchainArmy’s efforts to boost sustainability through blockchain technology.


BlockchainArmy is a global enterprise, with headquarters in Istanbul and Rotterdam. The goal of the company is to consult and offer comprehensive advice on tokenization processes, and the introduction of blockchain technology into modern-day busienss.

Recently, the company initiated a joint project with Aydin University. The project established the Blockchain Center and Academy in Istanbul, Turkey.

According to the company’s founder and Chief Operations Officer, Erol User, the participation in BSIC will help the company reach sustainability goals, and bring innovation to the field of blockchain technology.

Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition

The Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC) is a blockchain incubator, which aims to develop blockchain products in accordance with the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals.

One of the primary missions of the BSIC is to serve as the link between non-governmental organizations and officials in order to help them develop joint blockchain solutions. The products designed by BSIC include blockchain supply chain monitoring, identity verification services, and blockchain education tools, among others.

BlockchainArmy and BSIC have a number of convergence points in their portfolios, which is a good sign for a successful partnership moving forward. Not only that, but BlockchainArmy will now help create projects, which are compliant with the UN sustainability requirements, which is a further boost in the quality of their work. 

This cooperation will bring sustainable blockchain solutions to companies all over the world, as BlockchainArmy is a global leader in consultancy when it comes to blockchain technology.