Blockchain powered tracker helps with real-time coronavirus news


Coronavirus outbreak has led to the innovation of blockchain powered tracker for coronavirus news to help tackle one of the biggest viral epidemics to occur in recent times. With the origin in Wuhan province in China, most governments are on high alert to keep their people safe from the epidemic with up to date information.

Blockchain powered tracker for coronavirus news

To aid in the provision of real-time news regarding the scourge, an app called Acoer, a blockchain powered tracker has been developed in Atlanta. Using the HashLog data engine for visualization, the app collects real-time coronavirus news.

The app is fed with information from groups like the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control. Powered by Blockchain, the app allows multiple users to access confirmed data on deaths and new infections with the ability to filter trends over the period of time.

Nasr, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Acoer put across that there has been a consistent release of data pertaining to the disease but users are not able to simply digest the data. Therefore, the apps feature of HashLog assisted users through automation and visualization of data.

Public health industry to benefit from Blockchain-powered tracker

The CEO also added that with his background in public health, innovation is quite important in supporting public health initiatives.

Nations of the world are worried about the epidemic as cases have been reported in different countries so far. An example is a Japanese cruise ship-Diamond Princess that is confirmed to house 355 coronavirus patients.

With at least 1,669 deaths reported and 69,000 infections, Coronavirus remains an active threat to the world.

America is skeptical of the data that the Chinese government is providing and thinks that the menace is underreported.

Social media is filled with Chinese police holding citizens holed up in their apartments and one video is seen displaying a woman being thrown into a metal box in Hazmat.

The Chinese government has refused to cooperate with the Centers for Disease Control and prevention.

Countries that have reported the virus by now are Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and China.


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