Blockchain against epidemics: Blockchain tech can help abate coronavirus

Blockchain against epidemics Blockchain tech can help abate epidemics like coronavirus

Syren Johnstone from the University of Hong Kong believes that Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology can help in responding better towards epidemics like coronavirus. ‘Blockchain against epidemics’ ideology can really be used to implement better ways to tackle the problem in hand. Syren is an executive director at the University of Hong Kong.

Syren has published an article titled ‘Blockchain, AI and the Wuhan Coronavirus‘ in which he appeals to all the tech companies to join hands to tackle the recent coronavirus epidemic that has killed almost 500 people in China and is spreading like wildfire across the globe.

Blockchain against epidemics

The Chinese government has asked people to donate for the current epidemic but the charity institutions, despite taking all measures, are unable to receive and use the funds. The main reason for this inefficiency is politics and the political institutions associated with it. This has enraged the common people of China. 

Syren argues that if the government is still unable to handle the funds, tech companies like Alibaba, Apple, and SF express should step ahead and use blockchain technology and AI to the advantage of common people suffering from Coronavirus. The government-led approach has clearly been ineffective.

With blockchain entering the scene, all the donations would be recorded and tracked. The mismanagement of funds and the corruption would be completely in check and hence the needy would be able to get funds for their treatment.

Indigenous blockchain tech-based charity platform

The blockchain against epidemics ideology isn’t something new. Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, launched its indigenous blockchain tech-based charity platform for flood relief in Africa and for the treatment of terminally ill and unfortunate youth in Malta. Not only this, but Binance also received large amounts of donations for their Australian wildfires relief campaign.

There are unlimited ways in which AI and blockchain can be used against coronavirus and other such disasters. For now, the Chinese government should encourage their tech companies to come up with ideas to improve their response to the Wuhan Coronavirus.


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