Bethereum wins at CESAwards finale

Bethereum, a rather new betting platform, based on blockchain technology, has won the CESAward in the “Best Blockchain Company” category.

This brings the company one step closer to becoming a winner in the Global Startup Awards (GSA), which will be announced this December in Changsha, China.

Bethereum and CESAwards

Bethereum is a new star on the betting industry horizon. What separates the company from the rest in the industry is its’ distinguished social orientation and the fact that it is blockchain-based.

Because of Bethereum’s proven track record of success, the company has already been awarded in a number of competitions.

The CESAwards, or the Central European Startup Awards, is one of the most prominent recognition a newly-formed company can get.

Because of the importance of this award, especially in the final stages, experts are foreseeing a bright future for the betting platform. The betting platform has become the official “Best Blockchain Startup of 2019”, which is a significant achievement. 

Possible win at the GSA

The recognition Bethereum is currently gaining is an excellent prerequisite for winning at this years’ GSA awards.

The GSA awards are the highest level of recognition when it comes to startups. If the company scores a win, it will become one of the leaders in the blockchain space, and it will attract many new customers, as well as investor support.

Considering the vast range of opportunities that can open up before the betting platform, it is no surprise that the company has been battling to win as many awards as possible. Hopefully, the win at the CESAwards will be the beginning of a lucky streak for Bethereum.

Featured Image by Pixabay